No one really talks about it, but if you know, you know: menopause is a stage of life that comes with a series of normal changes that can be both confusing and frustrating. From mild hot flashes to mood swings, menopause can feel like a rollercoaster ride that you never asked to be on. And speaking of changes, one change that tends to throw women for a loop is menopausal weight gain—specifically in the midsection.

If you’re one of the many to notice a few extra inches challenging the button of your jeans, know you’re not alone! It’s a common side effect of the changes that come with menopause, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it. After all, menopause is also a time where a woman can embrace her body’s changes and redefine what it means to age confidently.

Keep on reading to discover the science behind that menopausal weight gain, plus a few shifts you can take to help target midsection fat and support healthy hormones throughout the journey of menopause.

How Hormones Affect Menopausal Weight Gain

Like we said, menopause can bring on a mixed bag of new mental, emotional and physical changes—many of which are caused by fluctuating hormones. And these hormone changes don’t just affect hot topics like mood and libido—they also impact the way your body carries fat.

When the hormone estrogen is at its highest during reproductive years, your body naturally prioritizes fat storage in areas like the breasts, buttocks and thighs (think feminine curves). However, when estrogen takes a nose-dive during menopause, fat shifts into the midsection creating more of an “apple” body type. This is why many women notice an increase in abdominal (or visceral) fat in this phase of life.

General aging also causes the muscles in your body to relax over time, which can soften the look of muscle tone and skin. Loss of muscle begins to increase decade by decade, starting as early as 30. Because muscles burn more calories than fat, your metabolism will begin to slow, which can also lead to weight gain.

Support for Menopausal Weight Gain & Hormonal Health

Even though your body may begin to behave in ways that feel foreign to you, it’s not completely out of your control. And with a few lifestyle swaps to focus extra care on body composition and hormone health, you can help manage the effects of hormones during perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause for optimal wellness. Let’s break it down with support for:

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT | Menopause means that your body begins to metabolize and store fat differently. To offset the hormonal and physical shifts mentioned above, it can be highly beneficial to maintain a balanced diet and workout routine, alongside taking supplements that help address menopausal changes in metabolism and fat storage.

HORMONAL HEALTH | Key hormones and nutrients declining in menopause can lead to a variety of normal symptoms like occasional sleepless nights, low libido and mild mood shifts, plus mild hot flashes, vaginal dryness and menopausal weight gain. Cardiovascular health is also impacted, calling for extra attention to your nutritional needs. Prioritizing key nutrients through diet and menopausal supplements is an excellent way to help provide support and balance impacts of hormonal changes.

Lean Body System for Menopausal Weight Management

Modere Lean Body System for healthy weight management.

Formulated with ingredients scientifically shown to support fat metabolism, muscle tone and calorie burn, Modere Lean Body System is a must-have routine designed to support a total body transformation at any age, but may be especially helpful for menopausal women.*


Say hello to a first-in-world combination of two leading technologies in this formula that is designed to target skin, joints and muscle tone, plus fat—particularly in the abdominal area. Trim is a daily supplement powered by Conjugated Linoleic Acid, an innovative plant-derived ingredient that is shown to help decrease body fat by helping inhibit fat storage and boost fat metabolism (remember what we said about slowed metabolism in menopause?). Plus, Trim features multi-patented, award-winning Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology to help promote youthful skin, support joint health and enhance muscle tone. Available in several delicious flavors, a tablespoon of Trim a day can help tackle stubborn mid-section fat to support your weight management efforts in menopause.*


Need a metabolism boost? Reach for Modere Burn! Fueled by an advanced thermogenic formula, this daily supplement features Mediterranean-inspired ingredients derived from seaweed, plants and minerals shown to burn more calories and help support weight management. Burn also delivers a charge of increased energy while helping reduce unwanted cravings for an extra dose of support managing that midsection weight.*


Sometimes, extra inches in the midsection can be attributed to bloating. And if you experience occasional bloating along with low energy and sluggishness, you might need a detox. Activate is a monthly 3-day detox supplement that features aloe vera and other clean label ingredients to help remove toxins in the digestive tract—no fasting necessary! This formula also helps rejuvenate cellular health in the gut to restore energy and support a slimmer waistline for results you can see and feel.*

Ova-m for Optimal Hormonal Health

Modere Ova-m for menopausal women, perimenopausal women, post-menopausal women. Hormone-free, soy-isoflavone free supplement for female health.

Reinvent your hormone story—without hormones or soy isoflavones. Developed by women, for women, Modere Ova-m is an advanced, science-backed approach to support optimal hormonal health whether you’re in perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause. Formulated with proprietary Estro-OS™ Complex, this potent combination of botanicals delivers comprehensive nutritional support to help improve normal symptoms of menopause, effectively helping to reduce mild hot flashes, vaginal dryness and night sweats, support libido and mood, plus maintain cognitive and cardiovascular health. And, if menopausal weight gain is one of your top menopause woes, pair Ova-m with the Lean Body System for a comprehensive, total body approach to both body composition and hormone health.*

Managing menopausal weight gain and fluctuating hormones doesn’t have to be a challenge. Take control of your health and overall wellbeing with support from Modere. To find out more about these weight management and women’s health products, or to explore our entire clean label lineup, visit us at

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