You survived the Thanksgiving feast (for better or worse) and just started waking up from your food coma. So what do you do with all this (conscious) free time? You shop, and shop without taking a step. There’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to do it. But never fear, you need not face it alone.

The Do’s and Absolute Don’t’s

Avoid the stores at all costs

The moral of this story? Unless you camp out for days, there’s no way you’re getting the deals you deserve. So on top of missing out on some much needed family time, you run the risk of getting trampled by an army of over-eager shoppers. The smart Cyber Monday shopper instead arms themselves with a comfy chair, computer and (most importantly) knowledge. Don’t spend time at the store, spend it with your family.

Lists are your friends

In the world of Cyber Monday, knowledge is your lifeline. There’s just one thing you need to ask yourself: What would I buy, right now, at full price? If you’d buy it this second (no matter how expensive), chances are it’s worth it. Making a list with this in mind can save you from impulse buys, which means saving you money.

Sign up for emails and newsletters

Sometimes the best things in life really do fall into your lap. Stores want you to shop and they make it happen by letting you know about their amazing deals. Signing up for newsletters from your favorite stores is the easiest way to hear about Cyber Monday deals straight from the horse’s mouth.

Stay tuned for the Modere Cyber Monday deals this year — you aren’t going to want to miss these deals. Create an account at and we’ll notify you of the deals when they are released!

Deal forums are your secret weapon

The rule of thumb here? The regulars know best. They don’t just stop by the forums for Black Friday or Cyber Monday; they sniff out the hottest deals, 365 days a year. They’re in the know and if you pay attention, you’ll be too. Fat Wallet, SlickDeals and GottaDeal are good places to start[1]. They cover deals on everything from tech to personal care. Fat Wallet in particular has a Cyber Monday section and tons of other categories for your specific must-haves.

Well, there you are: armed to the teeth with every gadget under the sun to get you what you want on the cheap. Now go (from the comfort of your chair) and own this Cyber Monday, my cyber-shoppers.

[1] Fitzpatrick, Jason. The How-To Geek Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday