The FDA lately issued a final ruling on the ultimate effectiveness and safety of antibacterial soaps. They moved to ban triclosan and triclocarban – two of the most common (and potentially dangerous) ingredients – within over-the-counter antibacterial products.

Robert Conlee, Modere’s CEO, responded to the FDA announcement with the following statement:

“For more than 30 years, retailers have worked to convince consumers of the need for antibacterial soap containing harmful chemicals – some of which have been banned. Last week’s ruling by the FDA to prohibit the marketing of over-the-counter antiseptic products that contain triclosan is another positive move toward ensuring consumers are more educated about the products they choose for their safety and health. The team at Modere has also been working for more than 30 years to provide safe, healthy products. We laud the FDA, and look forward to the contribution its latest ruling will make to the growing clean living movement. We hope all health and beauty retailers will finally be influenced to do away with harsh, harmful ingredients in favor of more effective alternatives.”

In light of the FDA’s statements, it’s more important to us than ever before to continue creating safe products with safe ingredients. Focusing on those ingredients that are both efficacious and harmless is our number one priority, and we are thrilled that dangerous chemicals – like the ones in antibacterial soaps and washes – are being removed from consumer products at a continually faster rate.