Let’s be honest: Black Friday has all but completely moved online. Each year, less and less people are willing to brave the (possibly dangerous) retail crowds and mall madness while still in a food coma. And it all makes sense. Why wake up at the crack of dawn to fight over some discounted stuff you maybe don’t even really want, when you can sleep in and still enjoy great deals on the interwebs?

It’s clearly a rhetorical question, and you’ve obviously already decided to skip lines in favor of sanity. So here’s a less rhetorical query: how can you get the very best out of Black Friday whilst enjoying the lingering scent of pumpkin pie in your PJ’s at home?

By following these 5 tips, that’s how.

1. Research online exclusives

Before the big day, check out your favorite online retailers so you’re aware of any web-only exclusive deals. They’re usually hit or miss, but stay on top of it because that killer doorbuster could mean site-watching at a certain time (still from the comfort of your own bed, of course).

2. It’s a marathon, not a sprint

The “one day and done” model of traditional Black Friday is, well, done. In earnest competition, companies have started Black Friday-level discounts as early as a week before the day itself. It’s become more of a ‘time of the season’ thing than a 24-hour shop-til-you-drop extravaganza. Use that to your advantage and watch what deals come up from companies you dig before, during and after Black Friday.

3. Play on price match

Most of the big name retailers will price match their top competitors, even during Black Friday. Keep this in mind as you navigate through different sites because you may be able to use the policy to get the bigger discount.

4. Look into loyalty programs

If there’s an item you really want, it can pay off to sign up for the retailer’s free loyalty program ahead of Black Friday. Companies like Best Buy and Amazon are known for giving their members early access to special discounts, which means you have a much greater chance of snagging a popular product before it sells out.

5. Wait until Black Friday is over to shop

It might sound crazy, but hear us out: a lot people still get up during the middle of the night to wait in line for that killer deal, only to turn around and sell their purchase on eBay or Amazon a week later. Sure, you won’t get the Black Friday price. But you’ll likely get one close to it, since these sellers are still trying to beat the retailer.