If you care about the planet, it’s likely that you prioritize recycling, water conservation and energy efficiency. But did you know that the choices you make as a consumer every day can create just as significant an impact? In fact, this doesn’t need to mean a huge lifestyle change – it could be as simple as switching out some of the household products you already use every day. When you choose Modere, you can support this change for good because our Perfect 10 quality process ensures safe, effective and more sustainable products.


A man holds a coffee cherry up close to the camera, so that it is the main focus. In the background you see the rest of the coffee fruits are still on the branch, ready to be harvested.

1. We assess 100% of nutritional ingredients for origin

Before we select an ingredient to include in one of our innovative formulas, it is subject to extensive scrutiny including:

  • Country of origin
  • Bioavailability
  • Efficacy
  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Allergen potential
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-irradiation (botanicals)

The importance of evaluating some of these factors may seem obvious, but many companies don’t make the effort. For example, most manufacturers don’t conduct irradiation testing on botanicals. It’s a challenging process and they know they’re likely to discover their herbal ingredients have been irradiated. About 80% of the new botanical ingredients we evaluate fail irradiation testing. That means we have a limited number of suppliers we trust to provide non-irradiated ingredients, which can make sourcing a challenge.

But as usual, we were more than up for the challenge during the development of the Axis Phytos line. With so many potent botanicals in these innovative formulas, it took additional time and perseverance to find safe, effective and non-irradiated ingredients. Despite the difficulty, we tirelessly evaluate every ingredient and supplier, even if it takes months before we’re satisfied.

Colorful ingredients used in the Modere Axis Phytos product line.

2. We analyze 100% of incoming raw materials for identity

Our vetting process doesn’t stop once we’ve selected safe and effective ingredients. Every time an ingredient arrives at our facility, it undergoes a meticulous visual inspection to verify color, texture, uniformity, packaging integrity and more. And we review all the accompanying documentation to confirm that it matches the ingredient profile and safety specifications we’ve established.

3. We verify 100% of botanicals by genus and species using proven scientific methods, including HPTLC

With botanical ingredients, we even go a step further by performing tests to verify the genus and species of the plant. There are a variety of methods to accomplish this, but we’ve chosen to use an advanced technique called high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) because it’s significantly more accurate than the conventional testing methods used by so many companies.


4. We employ top formulators, consult our Scientific Board of doctors, scientists and nutrition experts, and achieve universally recognized 3rd party certifications

To provide you with the best possible products, we employ highly skilled, innovative formulators. And our development team actively collaborates with the renowned doctors and experts on our scientific advisory board.

This partnership results in cutting-edge, clean label formulas that deliver consistent, science-backed results — from strengthening your joints and beautifying your skin to boosting your brainpower and bolstering your immune system.† And we go above and beyond to earn rigorous 3rd party certifications including EWG, Rainforest Alliance and NSF Certified for Sport.

5. We conduct microbiological testing on 100% of finished goods

But it’s not enough for our products to just be effective. That’s why our microbiologists carefully test every batch for a broad range of potential pathogens, bacteria and contaminants, ensuring our products also meet the highest quality and safety standards.

A blue agar plate with slight bacterial growth

Furthermore, we pull samples to test at the beginning, middle and end of each production run, so that even if conditions change, we have an accurate assessment of your product’s safety. We also collect and store samples from each batch to verify shelf life and quality. All of this adds up to tens of thousands of tests a year, but it’s worth it to know we’re bringing our customers safer products.

6. We select 100% of our ingredients according to stringent safety standards

As a leader in the clean beauty and clean nutrition movement, our strict ingredient paradigm excludes known problem ingredients and thousands of compounds in nine different categories:

  • Formaldehyde releasers
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Phosphates
  • PEGS
  • Ethanolamine Compounds
  • Fluoride-based ingredients
  • Aluminum-based antiperspirants
  • Artificial flavors & colors
  • And more

And our paradigm isn’t a static benchmark. It continues to evolve and improve along with the latest ingredient science, so you can always choose Modere with confidence.


Wind turbines in a wind farm.

7. We manufacture using the latest technology and 100% renewable wind power

We believe live clean is more than a tagline. It’s a way of life. And that drives us to take proactive steps to improve sustainability. Some of these steps include choosing to offset the energy used in our main US facility with clean, renewable wind power, reducing our CO2 emissions by over 1350 metric tons and saving more than 2.2 million gallons of water.*

8. We use recyclable packaging wherever possible

One of the keys to a cleaner future is recycling, which is why we use recyclable materials whenever possible. In fact, 100% of our plastic bottles, caps, tubes, paper boxes and packing material are recyclable, as are 82% of our packaging components overall.**

The words "Recyclable 100%  plastic bottles, caps, tubes, paper boxes, and packaging material" superimposed over a blue circle.

For a truly sustainable future, we’re determined to find even better components. Our sustainability committee is evaluating recycled plastics and other low waste materials, as well as components that biodegrade more quickly, are home compostable or are infinitely recyclable.

9. We adhere to the highest GMP standards

We confidently stand behind our promise of safe, clean and effective products because we adhere to the strictest good manufacturing practices (GMPs). To achieve that, we’ve developed efficient manufacturing methods, meticulous cleaning procedures and rigorous maintenance requirements. And to ensure that our advanced systems and strict protocols are consistently followed, all processes are checked and then double-checked by another employee.

But we do much more than simply develop ideal processes. We also provide our employees with effective training, so they can perform their best. And we stay current with the latest techniques and technology, helping us continually improve and evolve our manufacturing practices.

10. We prevent cross-contamination of ingredients with allergen-segregated storage

As part of our deep commitment to safety, we take additional steps to dramatically reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions due to cross-contamination. We take the time to identify key allergens during the product development phase and then store those ingredients in a separate part of our facility.


The Perfect 10 quality process is a comprehensive set of forward-looking principles that ensures every Modere product you choose to bring into your home is safe, effective and more sustainable. And once a product successfully completes the process, it enters our inventory and is ready to be pulled for product orders.

When you choose Modere, you choose clean label confidence. That’s the Perfect 10 promise.

Sustainability efforts include offsetting energy use with renewable wind power, saving water, reducing CO2 emissions and using recyclable packaging.

‡Products made in the USA at our main manufacturing center.

*CO2 reduction is an estimate based on the weight of water saved in shipping concentrated Liquid BioCell and GO products. Average US freight truck emission and a 1000-mile travel distance.

**Percentage represents materials that can be recycled and excludes pumps. Product labels should be removed from plastic bottles to facilitate recycling.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.