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So, you’re taking your Sustain vanilla protein, powering through a morning walk and even signed up for that weekly Pilates class. No matter what your fitness journey looks like, when putting extra effort towards your body, it’s only natural that you want to see those efforts rewarded.

While the bathroom scale has been a multi-decade go-to for judging fitness progress, the past few years have sparked a popular fitness trend of “visualizing” rather than just “weighing” your results. The fact is, all of our bodies come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes, which can’t always be captured by a number. For this reason, more people are shifting their focus toward things like body fat percentage and the ever popular before and after photo trend.

If you’re new to the before and after photo trend, we definitely recommend you give it a shot! Before and after photos are a fun and simple way to help visualize change—but they aren’t just a “snap and go” situation. In fact, by following a few important steps you can capture professional-looking photos that will truly reflect the results of all your efforts.

So, follow along to deep dive into our tips for getting the best shots, and discover how good photography can help you achieve even better results in your fitness journey:

Before and After: A Better Way to Track Your Progress Than Your Scale

Before and after photos are a must-do in any fitness journey because they allow you to actually see what’s happening to your body. While the scale is useful, it doesn’t consider the changes in muscle, water and fat when spitting the number out at the end. This often leads people to become discouraged when their weight won’t budge, when in fact they could be losing fat and just building muscle weight.

Prioritizing the way we look and feel, rather than putting full focus on the scale, is becoming a much- needed change in the fitness world. And knowing how to take flawless before and after pictures that accurately capture your physical change is vital.

Want to know the tricks? Keep scrolling:

  1. Stand in natural light: Natural light is a must when it comes to shooting a clear photo. This lighting will ensure that your picture can be in clear focus and isn’t impacted by shadows, highlights or blur. Even better, make sure the light matches by taking your before and after photos around the same time of the day.
  2. Consider the angle: Taking your picture at the right angle is another pro tip. Eye level is the optimal height, as it won’t distort proportions with odd angles. Remember, these shouldn’t be selfies! So, try setting up a tripod or have a friend take the photo for best results.
  3. Snap a photo from all sides: Don’t just take a picture facing the camera. Get a full body photo of the front, back and sides of your body. This way you can see all of the changes happening in the different areas.
  4. Pick the right outfit: Opt for fitted swimwear or a sports bra with well-fitted shorts. Avoiding baggy clothes will help show off your shape and give you a clear understanding of what is happening on the outside. Also, don’t forget to wear the same outfit in both your before and after photos.
  5. Take Progress Photos: It’s not always easy to tell that your body is changing. Taking photos regularly throughout your fitness journey will help tell a story you might otherwise miss. It’s also a great way to stay motivated because you can really see all the little changes happening from week to week.
  6. Keep the background simple: Less clutter equals a better view of your progress. Try standing in front of a blank wall for minimal distractions.
  7. Stand tall and proud: You’re working towards feeling and looking your best—you should be proud! So, make sure to stand up straight and tall to help show off your true figure.

See and Feel the Benefits of Change

A true body transformation isn’t just about changing what you look like on the outside, but also how you feel on the inside. When you feel your best, it shows through your posture, your confidence, and more (hello, amazing glow-up after pictures!). Not to mention, healthy changes in both lifestyle and fitness are known to have some impressive internal benefits:

  • More energy: A reduction in body fat means that your heart won’t have to work as hard to pump blood to the rest of your body. This results in higher energy, especially during cardio exercise and other fitness activities.
  • Better Metabolism: There is a lot of science that goes into this one, but simply put, more muscle burns more fat. A healthy body composition, meaning a lower body fat percentage, usually results in more lean muscle mass, which translates to a higher calorie burn and more efficient metabolic rate.
  • Improvement to Overall Health: A lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes are all linked to a good body composition.
  • Increased Mobility: Staying within a healthy body fat percentage helps reduce pressure on joints throughout the body (specifically knees). This can result in increased mobility, flexibility and less discomfort.
  • Better Mood and Confidence: We all know that exercise and a healthy diet can boost happy chemicals in the brain. Not to mention, a good body composition helps you look and feel good, which can naturally improve your mood.
  • Leaner, More Toned Appearance: A healthy body fat percentage leaves room for those lean muscles to shine through! Incorporating strength training will not only improve your body composition, but also show off a leaner, more toned appearance.

So if you’re looking to amp up your results and get closer to a leaner, trimmer-looking body, Modere has just the thing to help you on your journey—so you can get to snapping those gorgeous after photos even sooner.

Need Help Reaching Your Fitness Goals? Take 3.

Modere Lean Body System is a 3-Step system that is scientifically developed to help accelerate your body transformation goals. Blast through those plateaus and get to take your after photo sooner with this revolutionary system that helps cleanse the body, burn fat, and boost metabolism.* Just Take 3:

Modere Lean Body System

Trim: Trim combines CLA and multi-patented Liquid BioCell® Collagen into an award-winning formula to help improve muscle tone, restore youthful skin, support fat metabolism and so much more!* Available in a variety of delicious flavors including Chocolate, Mango, Coconut Lime, Vanilla and Lemon, you can get your daily dose of Trim by taking one tablespoon in the morning. Take it alone or add it to coffee, a smoothie or any other healthy breakfast food you like to enjoy.

Modere Trim

Burn: Feel the Burn! Packed with Mediterranean-inspired ingredients, this thermogenic formula helps stimulate your metabolism through cellular heat production. Burn should be taken up to three times daily with a large glass of water, along with a meal or snack. To increase calorie burn and energy levels throughout the day, we recommend taking your first capsule in the morning with breakfast, your second capsule 3-4 hours later with lunch, and the last capsule 3-4 hours later with an afternoon snack.*

Modere Burn

Activate: Kick off your fitness journey with Activate. This monthly cleanse is formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients—such as aloe vera, apple pectin and psyllium seed husk—to help eliminate toxins and rejuvenate cellular health. No fasting needed! Mix one pack of Activate with 8 oz. of water for just three consecutive days each month to help boost digestion and detox the body. For best results, we recommend using Activate in the evenings for a gentle cleansing experience.*

Modere Activate

Want Extra Tips to Keep You on Track? Make 3.

Now that you’ve taken 3, it is time to make 3. Hitting your fitness goals and snapping that after photo requires an all-encompassing journey. By adding Trim, Burn and Activate into your routine you can maximize results and accelerate change…but your lifestyle needs to match! To make the most out of your transformation, we recommend choosing 3 of the following lifestyle changes to compliment your fitness challenge:

Icons denoting the following lifestyle changes: Drink 5 (12 oz.) Glasses of Water, Avoid Sugary Drinks, Walk 7,500 Steps, Don't Eat Fried Foods, Eliminate White Flour, Rice & Sugar

We also recommend:

  • Eating whole foods, like fruits and veggies
  • Getting the right amount of sleep
  • Encouraging yourself daily
  • Visualizing your progress with before and after images

Combined, taking the 3-step system and making these lifestyle changes will help burn fat, lose inches and rejuvenate your body from the inside out—all while getting you even closer to that perfect after photo!*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




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