Collagen has become a buzzword in the beauty industry, the holy grail of anti-aging. Many well-known cosmetic companies have jumped on the bandwagon to offer luxurious and pricey collagen creams to customers. But are they worth it? Can collagen creams really prevent or even reverse the visible signs of aging?

To answer that question, let’s unpack how collagen works.

First, What Is Collagen?

Simply stated, collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It makes up an estimated 80% of your skin and the scaffolding for healthy bones and connective tissue. Having abundant levels of collagen in your body gives you all the desirable traits of youthful skin: firm, plump and elastic skin cells that feel soft and look great.

The trouble is that everyone’s collagen eventually begins to break down. Smoking, sun exposure and old-fashioned aging are all factors that lead to collagen loss over the course of your adult life. In fact, the average person loses 1% of their collagen every year from their 20s onward.

If loss of collagen is what ages our skin, then collagen creams have to be the answer, right? The trouble is that most collagen creams on the market are useless, and there are three key reasons:

1. No topical collagen product can increase collagen production

Some customers think collagen creams promote natural collagen production. Unfortunately, this is a myth. No known cosmetic substance can magically jumpstart your body’s collagen production.

Some companies claim that long-term use of a “high-quality” collagen cream will raise your skin’s collagen levels high enough to fight the effects of aging. This is a comforting idea on the surface, but this claim can also be debunked by one scientific fact . . .

2. Collagen molecules are naturally huge

Collagen molecules aren’t just complex. They’re ENORMOUS. A single collagen molecule is a long rope of complicated protein fibers that twist into an elegant triple helix.

The complexity of these molecules is half the reason collagen content is so important for skin elasticity. But it also means that collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the epidermis. Expensive collagen creams may feel lovely applied to your face, but that precious collagen later washes down the drain, having done nothing for your skin. Talk about a waste. Which brings us to our final point . . .

3. There’s little evidence these creams work

At the end of the day, most companies can’t provide any scientific proof that their products measurably improve skin appearance at all.

Some brands tout anecdotal evidence from a handful of customers that their cream absolutely improves the look and feel of their faces. But even this evidence is little more than a fleeting illusion. Any moisturizer can make wrinkles appear less prominent by temporarily smoothing the surface of the skin. But in reality, your collagen levels are still dropping, which means your skin will continue aging.

So What Can You Do?

This reality might paint a depressing picture, but it doesn’t mean that ALL collagen creams are useless.

Studies have found that hydrolyzed collagen peptides, an altered form of collagen molecules, have the power to increase the look of skin elasticity and hydration while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Introducing Modere CellProof

Enter a unique, cosmetic-grade hydrolyzed collagen called BioCell Collagen® CG. This natural matrix of collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid is distinguished by a patented Bio-Optimization™ process that yields collagen micro-molecules of the ideal, optimal size. In fact, it’s the same collagen found in the bestselling, multi-patented Liquid BioCell® supplements, and it’s backed by award-winning Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology.

Now, the Modere CellProof skin regimen delivers BioCell Collagen CG for topical use, included in CellProof Serum, Moisturizer, Lip Complex and Body Firming Foam.

Modere CellProof Is Backed by Clinical Trials

Does it work? In fact, the results have been measured and documented in two third-party clinical trials conducted to test CellProof Serum. Test subjects used the product daily for a full month and were evaluated at two and four weeks for visible skin changes.

The vast majority of test subjects saw measurable improvement across five test categories:

  • 100% experienced increased skin hydration at two and four weeks.
  • 80% experienced improved skin tone at two weeks.
  • 85% experienced an improved appearance of skin texture within four weeks.
  • 92% experienced increased exfoliation within four weeks.
  • An additional clinical trial of CellProof Serum showed a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

What’s more, a panel of unbiased industry experts agree. The Modere CellProof Essentials collection (Infusion Mask, Serum & Moisturizer) was named Editor’s Choice in the 2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards for natural, eco-friendly and ethical beauty. So CellProof Essentials is great for your skin and the environment too.

To try Modere CellProof, check out our official website and see the proof for yourself.