No matter the shape or size, berries and fruits really make the world go round. They’re deliciously sweet and can be used to enhance any meal and are the all-stars of the snack game. Plus, they’re loaded with important vitamins and nutrients.

So, feel free to have that second helping. Finding it hard to get enough in your diet? Try products that are chalk-full of berries like Mineral Supplement, Energy Shot and Beauty Nectar by Modere and never miss out on these natural nutrients.


Found in plant-based ingredients like green tea extract and can help protect the body from oxidative stress.

Vitamin C:

One of the most safe and effective supplements, it has been shown to support the immune system and even deter the appearance of skin wrinkling.(1)


Contributes to the normal function of the immune system and skin health.


Supports healthy bones and the formation of connective tissue.


Can prevent and relieve constipation.(2)

Mineral Supplement: Even average modern diets can be missing key nutrients.


Energy Shot: Skip the crash, and go for this incredible super fruit blend instead.


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