Modere takes safe and effective so seriously that we’ve developed a 10-step quality process that we hold ourselves to every time we consider a product. Our Perfect 10 list ensures that we constantly push ourselves to disrupt the idea of “good enough” and reach for the vision of a better, cleaner tomorrow.

First on the list? How we manufacture our products with care. And that starts with ensuring we partner with like-minded facilities.

Suppliers are validated through our qualification process

If our suppliers don’t meet our standards, we don’t do business. It’s that simple. We make it a point to strictly manage how our products are manufactured with extensive quality initiatives. Modere certifies only high-quality ingredients by confirming identity, securing knowledge of their origin and ensuring our nutritional ingredients are non-GMO. We ensure this by utilizing a team of formulation experts, along with a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), to curate some of the most effective products on the market. And once we’re satisfied with the quality of our products, we look to responsible packaging to match our level of standards.

Recyclable packaging

Our dedication to crafting clean and safe products doesn’t end with our essentials. We take it one step further by utilizing recyclable packaging whenever possible. And when it comes to eco-friendly packaging, there are three options(1):

  1. Reusable – can be reused without processing (think glass bottles)
  2. Recyclable – can be used once broken down and reprocessed (like metal, paper and plastic)
  3. Biodegradable – will naturally break down in the environment (AKA the soil or atmosphere)

Clean products and packaging are imperative to living clean. It’s this effort that gives our customers the peace of mind that they are shopping safely and responsibly when they choose Modere. Even better, we do our best to ensure quality by exceeding third-party guidelines, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Follow GMP

The GMP are high-level details (or guidelines) that were constructed to make sure companies of all shapes and sizes were held to a standard that would benefit their consumers. They are comprehensive and cover everything from the plant design to proper record maintenance for products manufactured.(2)

But at Modere, we consider this to be more of a pledge and less of a guideline: A pledge to our customers that our products are meant to help and never hurt. And part of that responsibility is considering the vibrancy of our customers (the entire spectrum) and each of their needs.

Allergen-segregated storage

Everyone’s made differently. What’s healthy for one person may be dangerous for another, which is why we keep allergen-sensitive material stored separately from other ingredients and avoid risking contamination. Moreover, we specifically label each ingredient and known allergens on every box to make sure that there is never a confusion as to what you are putting on or in your body. We are guided by this dedication to our customers’ health and this is best exemplified in our Perfect 10 quality process.

One of many

Our philosophy of clean living inhabits every fiber of our being and our attention to detail is what defines us as a company. To put it simply, safety is important to us and these standards for manufacturing are only part of our larger aim to score a Perfect 10 when unveiling the latest and greatest essentials.

This is the promise we make daily: To use only high-quality ingredients, develop safe formulas and manufacture products with care from the liquid in the bottle to the box it’s sent out in. Just for you.

(1) BBC. Food Packaging and Labelling.
(2) FDA. Dietary Supplement Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) and Interim Final Rule (IFR) Facts.