Water conservation has become a hot topic in today’s environmental efforts. Yet on a globe that appears to be covered in this natural resource, it can be difficult to quantify the impact daily water use has on the world.

We wash our hands, clean our clothes, brush our teeth and do the dishes with little thought as to where this water travels after it’s been used. But did you know that up to 60% of household water has the potential to be repurposed, thus helping us maximize and preserve one of the earth’s most precious materials?

Known as graywater, this term is used to describe the water runoff that comes from household appliances like the dishwasher, shower, sink and washing machine. Once considered toxic, this wastewater was eventually recognized for its potential reuse in the early 1990s, igniting the trend to conserve and repurpose it in everything from public parks to private gardens. Graywater-safe initiatives soon gained traction, with cities legalizing the recycling of water to help reduce water bills and spark environmental change. Now, graywater can be reused for a variety of purposes—including washing the car or watering the lawn—while helping to conserve freshwater for more important matters. Sound impactful? It is.

But there’s a catch. In order for this graywater to be reused, it must be free of harmful chemicals that are commonly found in laundry detergent, dish soap and other household products. How is this achieved? Easy. By investing and using graywater-safe and biodegradable products in your home.

Modere’s complete lineup of graywater-safe and biodegradable household products are formulated without harsh chemicals. Our collection features everything you need to make the most of the valuable graywater produced in your home and each formula is tested to ensure they fully break down in as little as 3 weeks.*

So, take the dive into creating a graywater-safe household with award-winning, science-backed products that maximize water conservation and help make your mark to preserve our precious freshwater today, tomorrow and into the future.

*full mineralization achieved according to OECD 310D protocol testing