Ah, the double cleanse. What was once regarded as a luxurious addition to a nighttime skincare routine has proven to be a vital step for clean skin. Praised for its effectiveness at tackling the dirt, oil and grime of the day, this two-step process has swiftly gained popularity across the globe, helping to deep clean complexions and prep skin for optimal serum and moisturizer benefits. 

Originating long before the trending Korean 10-step skincare routine, the art of double cleansing first began in 14th century Asia to cleanse away the intricate makeup worn by performers of the time. Much like today, the ingenious method was composed of two steps which involved applying a cleansing oil to the skin, followed by a foaming face wash. Now, the double cleanse has become the latest trend in many skincare routines as more consumers gravitate toward a natural beauty look that prioritizes a healthy, radiant and glowing complexion without makeup. 

But like many of the skincare trends to arrive on the scene, you might find yourself questioning the benefits and hype surrounding double cleansing. Does an extra wash really make an impact? And if so, how do you do it effectively? We sat down with one of our favorite skin experts—Dr. Kelly Mattone, owner of Aesthetic Medical Studio in New York—to break down the basics: 

Q: It’s no secret that double cleansing has grown in popularity over the past few years, but what makes it so important? How is it more beneficial than a single cleanse? 

Dr. Mattone: What most people don’t realize is that there are two types of impurities on the skin and most cleansers can only target one or the other, leaving behind dirt, oil and residue. The first type of impurity is oil-based, and it includes make-up, sunscreen and excess sebum. Pollutants, dirt and dead skin cells contribute to the other type of impurity, known as water-based impurities. By using a double cleansing routine that includes an oil and foam formula, you can ensure that both types of impurities are washed away—something that isn’t guaranteed with a single cleanse. 

It’s also important to remember that thoroughly cleansing the skin allows surface layers to better absorb the rest of your skincare products. So, with double cleansing, you make the most of your multi-step skincare routine by ensuring the complexion is prepped and ready for your serum, face mask and moisturizer. You get maximum benefits from every drop of product you use. 

Q: Are there any specific ingredients consumers should look for to achieve an effective double cleanse? 

Dr. Mattone: The first thing consumers should look for in any skin care product are clean label ingredients, like plant-based oils, which dissolve oil-based impurities and can be ideal for all skin types. Look for humectants that help hydrate skin as you cleanse. Also, be sure to look for antioxidants, plus potent botanicals and fruit extracts to help slough off dead skin cells without scrubbing and visibly improve skin’s tone and texture. 

Q: Are there any downfalls to a double cleansing routine? 

Dr. Mattone: Many people worry that double cleansing will strip their skin or make their complexion appear greasy (especially oily skin types). But there truly are no downfalls to double cleansing, as long as you’re using the right formula. Aside from that, consumers might find the extra packaging or additional step to be less than ideal, but that’s an easy problem to solve with a two-in-one formula like my go-to Modere CellProof Double Cleanser


A bottle of Modere CellProof Double Cleanser

“Unlike traditional cleansers, CellProof Double Cleaner can dissolve makeup while helping to balance and hydrate the skin. I also love that it’s designed for every skin type, so it takes the guess work out of picking the correct product. Not to mention it’s a two-step process in only one product; you just cannot achieve this level of clean with a regular cleanser. It’s a WIN-WIN!” 

– Dr. Kelly Mattone† 

Thanks to Modere CellProof Double Cleanser, you can now experience the deeply purifying benefits of the double cleanse with two easy steps in one formula. This innovative, dual-action cleanser is the perfect multi-tasker, featuring an oil-to-foam formula that targets both oil- and water-based impurities on the skin. Powered with clean label ingredients, this 2-in-1 face wash uses plant-based oils—including pomegranate seed and jojoba oil—to dissolve makeup, sunscreen and excess sebum before transforming into a purifying micro-foam (just add water!) to rinse away dirt, dead skin and pollution. CellProof Double Cleanser also features sea buckthorn plant extract to help balance the complexion and promote a radiant appearance by improving the look of skin tone and texture. 


Step 1: Dispense up to 9 pumps of CellProof Double Cleanser into palm of hand for a thorough cleanse of face, neck and decolletage. 

Step 2: Massage cleansing oil onto dry skin, working upwards in a circular motion to loosen surface oils and remove makeup, pollutants and impurities. 

Step 3: Apply water with fingertips to activate a foaming lather to luxuriously cleanse away dirt, oil and other residue. 

Step 4: Rinse and gently pat skin dry. 


Modere CellProof Essentials

Designed as the first step in the Modere CellProof Essentials skincare routine, Double Cleanser helps your natural beauty shine while prepping the skin for optimal benefits from our award-winning, multi-patented BioCell Collagen® CG in CellProof Serum and Moisturizer. The new generation of clean beauty, CellProof takes a comprehensive and clean label approach to skincare with a streamlined routine that helps cleanse, rejuvenate, firm and hydrate for a visibly younger, radiant appearance. To learn more about Modere CellProof Double Cleanser, plus the complete CellProof Essentials routine, click here or visit us at modere.com

*Serum, within 5 minutes. 

†Modere Independent Representative