The U.S. government passed the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act on June 25, 1938, and the cosmetics section hasn’t been substantially revised in 80 years. To put this in perspective, when this set of laws was first enacted, Franklin D. Roosevelt was president! It goes without saying that since then, a lot has changed.

For example, research has linked some of the beauty industry’s ingredients to harmful health effects.

Consequently, Europe has banned over 1300 chemicals from personal care products over the last 80 years. In the United States, we’ve banned just 11—5 individual ingredients and 6 classes of chemicals. In fact, the only ingredients strictly monitored by the FDA for approval are color additives.

It is time for beauty that is made better.

That’s the goal of new a bipartisan bill that proposes the regulatory reform of personal care products, giving the FDA the additional tools it needs to more effectively protect the public. Will you join us in supporting the Personal Care Products Safety Act, to help it cross the finish line?

The Environmental Working Group has created a simple way to make your voice heard, and Modere is proud to share it with you. Stand with Modere and EWG and tell your representative it is time for better beauty.

Support the Personal Care Products Safety Act:

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