We’re Modere. We believe in giving people the option to choose safer, effective and conscious products for themselves and their homes. We’re creating a new approach to modern health by eliminating controversial chemicals in the products you use every day.

There are things we won’t use in our products because they go against our clean label philosophy. In fact, we adhere to a strict list that outlines all the major ingredients we refuse to include. One of these ingredients is polyethylene glycol.

While the FDA considers polyethylene glycol safe in small quantities, in large doses it can be toxic. Products you buy in nearly every store contain polyethylene glycol, such as shampoos, soaps, deodorants, makeup, and even foods like ice cream, boxed cake, and ice tea.

Why do we avoid using PEGs?

  • PEGs are possible skin irritants and may cause hypersensitivity reactions
  • Polyethylene glycols can contain contaminants
  • They’re penetration enhancers. This means they allow certain ingredients in personal care products–like soaps–to absorb into the skin more easily. If you combine PEGs with other controversial ingredients, this absorption can become problematic.

PEGs aren’t harmful to everyone, but we choose not to use this ingredient because of the effect it can have on our customers’ health. Any slight risk is still a risk, and you can always count on Modere to leave the toxic impurities out of everything we manufacture.

When you’re looking for safer alternatives to your favorite products, look no further than Modere. Look out for our next blog as we discuss why you won’t find sodium lauryl sulfates in any of our products!