These days, you’re hard pressed to find a serum or face cream that isn’t boasting hyaluronic acid on the label. Alongside collagen, this in-demand, anti-aging ingredient is taking the beauty and wellness industries by storm. But the benefits of hyaluronic acid are more than skin deep.


Nearly 70% of the human body is made up of H2O. Of course, all that water isn’t just sloshing around inside of you. It’s stored in connective tissue and organs, like your brain and nervous system, digestive tract, eyes, skin and joints. So how does the water in your body know where to go? And how does it stay in the right place?

Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is a naturally occurring substance that bonds together to create a net-like matrix that attracts and “holds” water molecules. In fact, HA is estimated to hold nearly 1,000 times its weight in water.

Hyaluronic acid helps increase your body’s hydration where you need it most, including in your skin — where it helps your complexion look fuller and younger — and in the synovial fluid between your joints to help you move with ease and avoid discomfort.

What’s more, water isn’t the only thing hyaluronic acid binds to. It also binds to collagen, delivering even more benefits to your skin and joints. When HA levels in the body are optimal, it creates an ideal environment for collagen. Together, this intracellular matrix of HA and collagen is critical to your body’s structural support and even promotes healthy eyes, nails, hair, and gums.


Your body metabolizes at least 1/3 of the hyaluronic acid it produces on a daily basis, so it constantly needs to create more. Plus, as you age, your body naturally decreases production of substances like HA and collagen. However, levels of the enzyme that causes skin aging — hyaluronidase (think of it as HA’s arch-nemesis) — don’t decrease. Not only does this affect the way you look (dryness, visible fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, etc.), it affects the way your body functions on a cellular level.

A chart showing how your hyaluronic acid and collagen levels decline as you age.

Starting in your 20s, it can be beneficial to add hyaluronic acid into your beauty and wellness routine. And because collagen begins to decrease in your 20s too, it makes sense to seek out skin care products and supplements containing both. But there’s a catch…

As ingredients, hyaluronic acid and collagen molecules are naturally macromolecules — they’re too large for the body to absorb internally. That’s why a product’s manufacturing process can play a big role in how beneficial these nutraceutical ingredients are. While products containing hyaluronic acid and collagen are plentiful, few are manufactured to be bioavailable and deliver clinical results.

The good news? Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology in Modere CellProof and Liquid BioCell® is derived from a natural, single-source matrix that contains both HA and collagen — and Modere has a patented process to transform this matrix into the optimal molecular weight for proven bioavailability.


Collagen/HA Matrix® is a result of research on hyaluronic acid and its effect on vitality and longevity. This science led to the discovery of chicken sternal cartilage as a unique natural source of HA that coexists with collagen in a matrix that mirrors human articular cartilage.

Bar charts that showcase how Liquid BioCell Collagen Matrix mirrors the composition of human articular cartilage.

In addition to its unique composition, Collagen/HA Matrix® undergoes a patented Bio-Optimized™ manufacturing process that transforms the macromolecules into smaller micromolecules of the ideal size for absorption.


Modere Inside-Out Collagen System

With a commitment to clean label, Modere products are never tested on animals, BPA-free, and are packaged in a 100% wind-powered facility. They are backed by sustainable best practices and are formulas you can feel good about bringing into your home. Beyond our promise of clean label confidence, Modere products are scientifically formulated and studied to deliver proven results.  

Award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® is backed by multiple double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled human clinical trials. It is the key ingredient in Liquid BioCell® — a supernutraceutical for healthy joints and skin*— and is also the star of the Modere CellProof skin care line. Each of these product categories delivers dramatic results on their own, and when they are combined for an inside-out approach to anti-aging, the results are unparalleled.

“Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology is a standalone ingredient in both the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical worlds and is pioneering the ‘inside-out’ approach to beauty.”

Dr. Jon M Grazer, MD, MPH, FACS Board-certified plastic surgeon, assistant clinical professor at UC Irvine†

“Modere CellProof rivals the most sought-after skincare products in the world. Paired with Liquid BioCell®, it creates a comprehensive beauty system based on multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology to deliver dramatic results.”

Dr. Kelly Mattone, MD Cosmetic physician, board-certified in physical medicine & rehabilitation†


  • Improves joint mobility and lubrication*
  • Reduces joint discomfort*
  • Promotes healthy cartilage and connective tissue*
  • Counteracts skin’s natural aging and photoaging from the inside out*
  • Improves skin’s hydration, firmness and elasticity*
  • Increases skin’s hyaluronic acid and collagen content*
  • Reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines*
  • Helps improve skin’s microcirculation and skin tone*
  • Reduces hyaluronidase, the enzyme that causes skin aging*
  • Promotes healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes*
  • Boosts vitality*

Liquid BioCell revealed measurable improvement in joint discomfort and physical activity after 8 weeks*.

A line chart demonstrating the increase in blood HA when taking Liquid BioCell compared to a placebo.

In fact, Liquid BioCell® may even directly activate chondrocytes (cartilage cells) to stimulate the body to produce its own new collagen.*

A chart showcasing how Liquid BioCell increases natural production of new type II collagen.

In human clinical trials, hyaluronic acid levels increased by 6000% over 28 days reducing wrinkles from the inside out.*

A line chart showing the increase of Blood HA levels during 28 days of taking Liquid BioCell.

In a human clinical trial, dryness and scaling skin were reduced by 76% without the use of topical moisturizer at 12 weeks.*

A chart shows how dryness and scaling skin have reduced by 76% after 12 weeks of Liquid BioCell.

What’s more, Liquid BioCell® is scientifically proven to reduce hyaluronidase, an enzyme that significantly contributes to skin aging.*

A bar chart that shows how Liquid BioCell prevents inhibition of hyaluronidase.


  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Supports natural skin moisture barrier
  • Soothes and conditions skin
  • Provides visibly age-defying antioxidants
  • Boosts the appearance of tired skin
  • Provides intense hydration to make skin look plumper and fuller
  • Promotes smoother-looking skin
  • Helps even the appearance of skin tone and texture
  • Promotes the look of elasticity
  • Helps protect skin against the elements
  • Renews youthful looking skin

After 1 week, 100% said their skin was more moisturized and hydrated. After 3 weeks, 100% said they felt more confident in their skin. And after 4 weeks, 100% said they would recommend it to a friend.

In a separate Modere CellProof Serum trial, 100% of users experienced improvements in hydration in the first two weeks and 80% of users saw improved skin tone. At 4 weeks, 85%-92% continued to see improvements in the appearance of skin density (fullness), texture and exfoliation (smoothness).

But that’s not all. Modere CellProof Essentials collection was also recently awarded Editor’s Choice‡ at the 2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards celebrating the best in natural beauty and wellness.


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†Independent Modere representative

‡ Awarded to Modere CellProof Infusion Mask, Serum and Moisturizer.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.