When it comes to crafting a product for customers, balance is everything. Each and every formula must be equal parts safe and effective, every time. What does that mean? Whenever possible we opt for safer alternatives rather than conventional choices because Modere is anything but conventional. Whether choosing to formulate with cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine (CAHS) over SLS in our soap products or peppermint oil instead of fluoride in our oral care line, we don’t cut corners when it comes to delivering essentials that are strong yet sound.

Safe Suds

Soap is to suds what peas are to pods. And so, a rich lather goes a long way in the personal care industry, sometimes at the cost of utilizing ingredients that have been shown to possibly cause irritation for those with particularly sensitive skin. Instead of using foaming agents like SLS, we use less controversial ingredients like cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine (CAHS) to boost foam and viscosity with less risk of possible irritation. That’s how we’re safer. When crafting cleansing essentials, balance for safety and effectiveness is often struck by mimicking the master of symbiosis: Nature, and its aptitude for providing potent yet placid ingredients.

Flouride-Free Smile

But clean doesn’t end with suds; what goes in your body is just as important (if not more so) than what goes on it. Just as with SLS, we’ve made every effort to avoid harsh or controversial ingredients when producing our oral care line. That means no fluoride and certainly no alcohol. Instead, these products are made with peppermint oil to cleanse and promote fresh, minty breath. The result? A safer Mouth Rinse and Toothpaste that are highly effectual cleaners. The strength and safety of nature’s alternatives come together again to fashion products that bring balance to this proverbial seesaw.

Powered by Collagen, Insured by Science

Our dedication to maintaining the delicate balance between safe and effective has also inspired our latest collagen line. Our Collagen/HA™ Matrix Technology’s patented manufacturing process produces a model molecular weight that the body can absorb more effectively than traditional collagen supplements. And because Liquid BioCell® mirrors the joint’s natural composition, customers can finally discover a safer alternative specifically due to the product’s efficiency. This technology is hard at work in each BioCell® and TRIA product, providing you with balanced joint mobility support and skin health.

Finding equilibrium between safe and effective is a balancing act. It often requires turning to ingredients that some may consider underused or underrated, like CAHS. It always means fine-tuning through trial and error, leaving no scientifically-viable option untried in the pursuit of an innovation as significant as the perfectly-weighted collagen molecule. But no effort is too great as we strive to strike that vital equilibrium to change our customer’s lives and maintain our reputation of authenticity.