The M3 and Lean Body Sculpting Systems are changing lives around the world. These result-oriented regimens are scientifically formulated to help you take control of your health and reinvent your body.

Both systems support a healthy lifestyle while allowing you to enjoy real food and get real results. Separately, Lean and M3 are powerful programs to help people achieve their specific goals. Together, though, they offer a comprehensive body transformation experience.

So, what makes M3 and Lean so successful and effective? More importantly, what makes them unique?

The M3 System

Inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, M3 is a three-part system that includes Burn, Sustain and Sync.

  • Burn is a thermogenic that boosts your body’s metabolism. Most people take it in the morning to help get them going as it contains caffeine and fat-burning ingredients.*
  • Don’t go for sugar to help your midday slump. Sustain is a tempting shake that replaces your sugary, fat-heavy snacks with protein and vitamins to help control your appetite.*
  • Are you tired of reaching for snacks at night? Dinner was supposed to fill you up! Sync is your friend. This delicious chocolate fiber drink mix helps to optimize digestion and lessen late-night cravings.*

Together, these three remarkable products provide a clean and efficacious system for reaching a healthy weight.

It’s recommended you commit to M3 and the Mediterranean way of life for three months to truly see benefits. Remember, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle; one that’s been tried and tested for hundreds of years.

The Lean Body Sculpting System

The Lean Body Sculpting System is an advanced approach to achieving your body goals. It also uses three Modere products: Trim, Burn and Activate.

Designed to accelerate fat reduction and promote lean body composition, Lean helps users reduce inches and shape their physique, making it the ideal next step for people who have successfully completed the M3 regimen.*

  • Trim features a first-in-the-world combination of technologies to accelerate fat reduction, improve muscle tone and promote a sculpted, lean body.*
    • CLA – or conjugated linoleic acid – is plant-derived and is actually shown to block fat transport from the bloodstream to the fat cells.*
    • Our multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology replenishes collagen and hyaluronic acid levels, supporting youthful skin and joint and muscle fitness.*
    • This powerful combination of our Collagen H/A Matrix and CLA promotes a leaner, more sculpted physique.*
    • Trim is also popular among many users of M3 as an add-on to accelerate their results.
  • Burn boosts fat-burning metabolism, and its unique benefits are the reason this thermogenic is featured in both the M3 and Lean systems.
  • Activate is our first 3-day detox, formulated with organically grown aloe vera. It naturally eliminates toxins, plus apple pectin and psyllium seed husk add needed fiber.
    • Just three days, once a month, and this formula will help ignite digestive energy – a perfect companion to any fat-loss regimen.*

These two powerful systems have benefits that go far beyond weight management. More than the first step to a healthier body, these programs represent a healthier lifestyle. They will help you get the most out of your life as you make more conscious efforts to live clean.

Try one–or both–of these systems and join thousands of people who are seeing and loving their results!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.