It’s that time again. Time to wave goodbye to the old year and say hello to the new!

If you’re anything like the rest of us, then it’s no surprise that this calendar change also kicks off a few fine-tuned New Year’s resolutions geared towards helping you become the best version of you. And as we shift our focus to reset and regroup, prioritizing overall health is one of the main goals many of us target, whether that looks like hitting the gym, eating right or simply aiming to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The truth is, when it comes to optimal health, giving your body the support it needs to thrive is essential to your overall wellbeing. And one of the best ways to do this is by creating a strong nutritional foundation supported by an effective vitamin routine. In fact, research shows consumers have increased usage of vitamin and mineral supplements by 34% since 2020, showing a strong interest in supplements to help achieve optimal health. But while creating your own vitamin routine can be done, DIY combinations often miss out on one crucial component that hinders their wellness goals: biologically integrated formulas.


First, you might find yourself asking what we mean by “biologically integrated”. Well, this term refers to supplements that are scientifically formulated to not only work together but provide the research-recommended dosage of nutrients needed to support major body systems. And while that might seem like a straightforward task, many vitamin routines miss the mark.

In fact, providing your body with a balanced dose of essential nutrients that work synergistically is THE true foundation for optimal health. Why? Because these key nutrients are what power your body and keep it functioning efficiently. And if your major body systems aren’t getting the support they need, then you’re bound to notice this shortage in important areas like immunity, metabolism, energy, cognitive function and more. Not to mention, any additional supplements you take to boost targeted fitness and wellness goals won’t be as effective, simply because your body doesn’t have the support it needs to utilize these additional supplements efficiently.

So, if you’re ready to build your new year atop a strong nutritional foundation that supports total body wellness, plus helps you get the most out of your favorite functional supplements, look no further than…


Take the guesswork out of your vitamin routine and make the switch to this biologically integrated, clean label vitamin pack that’s scientifically formulated to support optimal health. With Axis OptiPack™, you can provide daily reinforcement to your cardiovascular, nervous, immune, digestive, skeletal, endocrine system and more—all in one convenient pouch. Each daily packet includes a Multivitamin, Antioxidant/Adaptogen, Vitality Complex and Omega Complete supplement to deliver a research-recommended combo of 30 crucial nutrients that help your body thrive.*


OptiPack is scientifically formulated to cover all your nutritional bases, meaning your body can better utilize additional supplements. That’s why combining OptiPack with a daily routine that includes your favorite Modere fitness, energy and wellness supplements is the recipe for success to hit those health resolutions. So, if you’re looking to experience noticeable results and reach those targeted wellness goals, explore the must-have products we recommend taking in addition to biologically integrated Axis OptiPack:

Your Goal: Balance Mental + Physical Health

Your Best Combo: Axis OptiPack and Modere Lean Body + Go Collection

Physical and mental health go hand in hand, and when it comes to body transformation goals, you want both on your side. Modere Lean Body + Go Collection features 4 scientifically backed formulas designed to help support both physical and mental health by promoting lean body composition, balanced energy and cognitive function.*

And because OptiPack provides the foundation of key vitamins needed to support muscle recovery, metabolism and optimal energy, your body can truly optimize the fat-burning benefits of Lean Body System, including award-winning Modere Trim. Not to mention, OptiPack Antioxidant/Adaptogen supplement is powered by 8 plant-based ingredients that help reduce occasional stress and support cognitive function, making it the perfect mental pair for the brain-boosting nootropics in Modere Go.

Your Goal: Power Through the Day with Clean Energy

Your Best Combo: Axis OptiPack and Best Me + Smart Energy Collection

Between work, errands, family life and fun, it’s no surprise that taking on the day with a clear mind and boosted energy is a common wellness goal.

That’s where Modere Best Me + Smart Energy Collection comes in.

This collection includes 8 clean label products that work together to support the best version of you while helping enhance cognitive function and clean energy with Modere Logiq™ TetraBlend™ Coffee and Creamer. Our innovative TetraBlend delivers powerful botanicals that help support mood, focus and memory while award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.  Additionally, Logiq Creamer provides C8 MCTs and grass-fed butter for even more brain fuel. And when paired with OptiPack, this combination helps enhance cognitive function and energy by delivering essential vitamins and fatty acids that support overall brain health.* 

Explore OptiPack here [Link to Opti PDP] and Modere Best Me + Smart Energy Collection here. [Link to Modere Best Me + Smart Energy Collection PDP]

Your Goal: Prioritize Gut + Digestive Health

Your Best Combo: Axis OptiPack and Best Me + Healthy Gut Collection

Occasional gas? Bloating? Constipation? Many of us know the sluggish feeling that can accompany poor digestion, which is why gut health should always be at the top of your list of wellness goals!

If you want to ensure your digestive system gets the attention it needs, pair Axis OptiPack with Modere Best Me + Healthy Gut Collection. Featuring digestive enzymes, papaya fruit and bromelain, Axis OptiPack provides the perfect cornerstone for comfortable digestion while the Best Me + Healthy Gut Collection features essential formulas—like Probiotic, Fiber and Axis PhytoReds—to help boost gut health. Use Modere Probiotic to help balance gut bacteria, Modere Fiber to improve digestive function and Modere Axis™ PhytoReds to support a healthy, diverse microbiome for total body and digestive wellness.*

Explore the full collection here. [Link to Modere Best Me + Healthy Gut Collection]

Your Goal: Support Optimal Nutrition + Hydration

Your Best Combo: Axis OptiPack andBest Me + Replenish Collection

We all know that food and water are essential to survival, but did you know that without proper support, your body can struggle to absorb nutrients and hydration from these necessities?

*Enter Modere Best Me + Replenish Collection*

When you combine this 6-piece collection with the power of Axis OptiPack, you truly have the perfect foundation for optimal wellness. That’s because Axis OptiPack provides vital reinforcement to major body systems, not only providing essential vitamins and minerals but delivering them in highly bioavailable and bioactive forms your body can absorb. And with this support, your body is also able to better process essential nutrients from daily food, supplements and more. This means you can help replenish the body with optimal nutrition and hydration when you treat yourself to the clean label formulas found in Modere Best Me + Replenish Collection, including:*

Modere Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement—A vegetarian blend that delivers a well-rounded meal for maximum nutrition in just a few scoops. Packed with vitamins, fats, carbs and pea protein, this delicious vanilla supplement is an excellent source of fiber, plus it provides a comprehensive blend of amino acids to help muscle repair and recovery post-exercise.*

Modere Revitalize—A supercharged supplement that transforms ordinary water with a hydrating and energizing boost that includes 70+ trace minerals. Featuring shilijat, a mineral-rich substance containing fulvic acid—the most powerful, natural electrolyte known—Revitalize helps boost water absorption at a cellular level to increase hydration, support metabolism and enhance energy.*

Explore the full collection here. [Link to Modere Best Me + Replenish Collection]

So, this new year, help encourage the best version of you by creating a strong nutritional foundation with biologically integrated formulas that support your body, plus enhance your fat loss, brain-boosting, clean energy and digestive wellness goals. Shop Axis OptiPack, along with Modere Best Me Collections, at

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.