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Episode 1

Inside the most-wanted ingredient in age-defying nutrition.
Developed by award-winning Modere CEO Asma Ishaq.

The brilliant mind behind Liquid BioCell® discusses how a unique, naturally sourced collagen/HA matrix became the bestselling supernutraceutical that earned multiple patents and awards, and kickstarted a global anti-aging trend.

Episode 2

Want to slim down? Ditch your scale and do THIS instead.
With Dr. Lisa DeRosimo

When it comes to weight loss, most people who fail are focused on the wrong things. Learn why your scale matters less than you think—and what to focus on instead to achieve real results, as we chat with a world-renowned expert in obesity medicine.

Episode 3

The beauty industry’s biggest secret will surprise you.
With collagen expert Asma Ishaq.

The global collagen industry is worth billions—and growing—but is it really worth it? Don’t invest your hard-earned dollars until you hear our resident expert spill the tea on what the industry isn’t telling you about this major beauty tend.