It’s no surprise that when the winter chill rolls in, many of us begin to feel a little less spritely. Whether it’s the sun setting early or the outdoor cold, your body just seems to need an extra boost during these frigid months of the year.

Yep, we’re talking about immunity. Immune health is important 365 days a year, yet this phrase truly begins to pick up steam when the temps drop. This is because your immune system has to gear up against a number of external risks in the cool winter months. Dry indoor heat, more time spent indoors and less fresh fruits and veggies can all present challenges for overall immune health.


With the slew of products on the market claiming to support immune health, deciphering which are both necessary and effective can be slightly daunting. That’s where Modere comes in! Featuring products that are scientifically backed with ingredients to help support immune health, we have created the Ultimate Winter Survival Kit to get you through the coldest days of the year.*


Liquid BioCell® Immune

What’s better than an award-winning, clinically proven collagen supplement that promotes healthier joints, skin and hair? An award-winning, clinically proven collagen supplement that also helps boost immunity, of course!*

Modere Liquid BioCell Immune checks all these boxes. Formulated with exclusive Modere TriPlex Immune Complex™ that features elderberry, zinc and 13 superfoods, this supernutraceutical is packed with science-backed ingredients to help support immune function. Liquid BioCell Immune also features multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology to help transform the look of skin from the inside out, plus encourage healthy aging and active joints.*

No winter survival stash is complete without this all-in-one supplement that is specially formulated to tackle immune health. Ingredients that help support antioxidant capacity, carefully selected superfoods and nutrients like zinc are all essential to optimal immune function. Topping them off during cold months is a foolproof way to help provide support when you need it most. Not to mention, with a daily serving of Bio-Optimized™ Collagen/HA Matrix, you can enjoy the added benefits of healthier joints, smoother hair and hydrated skin—especially when the dry winter air tries to tell you otherwise.*

Modere D3

Shorter days and more time indoors got you feeling down? Well, there’s a science to that. Deficiency in vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine” vitamin, affects the health of your bones, cardiovascular function, immune system and nervous system. Few people consume enough vitamin D in their food to meet necessary intake, and spending wintery days indoors inhibits your body’s natural production of vitamin D via sun exposure, making a clean label supplement the best source for this vital nutrient.*

Modere D3 produces the same form of vitamin D your body makes in the sunlight, treating you to the best benefits without even having to step outdoors. Available in a delicious, orange-flavored chewable, D3 supplies the necessary dose to help boost immunity year-round, but especially through the winter months. It is also formulated to help enhance the absorption of calcium for stronger bones and teeth while promoting heart health.*

Modere Axis™ TreBiotic

Your gut microbiome is your master switch to wellness and plays a crucial role in immune health, yet it often gets overlooked when building an immune-boosting winter survival kit.*

To stay functioning at its best, your microbiome relies on a healthy balance of gut bacteria. When this delicate balance is off, your body can struggle to absorb nutrients critical to optimal immune health. That is why many people rely on pre- and probiotic supplements to help keep their microbiome functioning at its best. In fact, studies have shown that probiotics, specifically, were proven to help support healthy bacteria in the gut, resulting in enhanced immunity[1].*

But pre- and probiotics alone don’t tell the whole story. Modere Axis TreBiotic is a cutting-edge nutraceutical that features 3-in-1 Microbiome Matrix™ Technology to promote optimal gut health, immune function and overall wellbeing. With pre-, pro- and revolutionary postbiotics that help encourage immune health, Axis has everything you need to optimize gastrointestinal function AND support nutrient absorption for optimal immune health*:

  • GOS Prebiotic | Helps beneficial gut bacteria populate faster and with greater density.*
  • NeuroFlora™ Probiotic Complex | Supports microbiome diversity, immune health and brain and cognitive health.*
  • EpiCor® GI+ Postbiotic | Supports a healthy gut lining for optimal micronutrient synthesis and overall wellbeing.*

Modere Axis™ Phytos

Winter cravings for comfort food might leave you struggling to meet your recommended daily serving of fresh fruits and veggies, which could mean you’re missing out on key phytonutrients. While every phytonutrient is important, certain kinds are scientifically studied to help support critical body systems, like healthy immune function, cardiovascular health and digestive health.*

More than a superfood, Modere Axis Phytos feature a diverse array of highly bioactive and bioavailable phytonutrient blends to help support immune health, microbiome diversity and more:*†

Modere Axis™ PhytoGreens: Contains 10 phytonutrient-rich marine and leafy greens, plus 8 green fruits and 4 powerful adaptogens to help optimize digestive health, alkalinity and energy.*

Modere Axis™ PhytoReds: Contains a potent blend of 10 red phytonutrient fruits and veggies—including polyphenol-rich raspberry, acai, pomegranate, beet and more—to help optimize heart health, antioxidant capacity and vitality.*

Modere Axis™ PhytoGolds: Contains fermented turmeric, fermented ginger and black pepper, along with other phytonutrient-rich golden spices to help support digestive health, immune health and joint health.*

Don’t let the winter blues get you down. Support your overall immunity and stay feeling your best with these clinical-grade picks as part of your clean label Winter Survival Kit. Cold weather has got nothing on us!

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†Modere Axis Phytos contain a greater variety of phytonutrients than individual superfoods.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.