When it comes to the topic of breasts, many of us ladies fall into the trap of thinking “are they too small?”, “too big?”, “need a lift?” without putting enough focus on their actual wellness. And while it might be fun to shop for lacy bras and fancy bralettes to keep them looking their best, it’s what’s happening on the inside that truly counts.

If you’re looking to make the switch to a daily routine that prioritizes breast health (shouldn’t we all!), Modere is here with 6 simple tips, plus must-have products, that are scientifically shown to help encourage you and your best breasts:


1. Maintain a Healthy Fat-to-Muscle Ratio

A toned body isn’t just about boosted energy and increased confidence…it actually has a direct correlation to the health of your breasts. Fat affects many things in the body, including your hormone balance. In fact, excessive fat tissue has been shown to increase both insulin and estrogen levels which can have an overall impact on body function. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a healthy body composition by keeping your muscle-to-fat ratio in check!

2. Stay Active

So, how does one maintain a healthy fat-to-muscle ratio? Well, that question plays perfectly into our second tip: Get up and get active. Health experts preach that adults should aim for at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity OR 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity weekly, plus 2 strength training days. Not only is this necessary for healthy body composition (find out more here), but an active lifestyle has also been linked to healthy estrogen levels within a normal range, as well as a boosted immune system.

3. Get Your Vitamin D

We’ve all heard how the sunshine vitamin can affect our mood and health, but what about our breast health? Vitamin D is a vital nutrient that is activated by the sun, but because sun exposure can come with a list of risk factors (think UV radiation, sunburn, etc), getting sunlight isn’t always the best way to obtain this nutrient. Still, vitamin D plays a number of vital roles in the body from nervous system support to muscle performance to calcium absorption. So, what makes it so important when it comes to your breasts? Well, the answer lies in a boosted immune system. Not only does this specific vitamin help support the body in fighting off intruders, it also helps support normal cell growth in the breasts.

4. Don’t Forget Your Omega 3s

Fats get a bad rep, but the truth is healthy fats are essential to optimal body function.

Enter omega 3s.

Found in fish like salmon, tuna, sardines and more, these fatty acids help build and maintain a healthy body, impacting your brain, cholesterol, immune system and cells. Research shows omega 3s help support specific genes that assist in immune function, thereby encouraging healthy breasts. While all omega 3s are great for immune health, EPA and DHA omega 3 were specifically shown to be 8 times more effective at supporting overall breast health. Additionally, Omega 3 helps support triglyceride levels already within normal range, which are linked to breast health.

5. Prioritize Phytonutrients in Your Diet

Phytonutrients are chemical compounds that naturally occur in plants and pack a long list of body benefits. Similar to vitamin D and omega 3, these super nutrients are proven to play a key role in immune system function, meaning they also have a direct impact on the health of your breasts.

Antioxidants, resveratrol and turmeric are probably some of the most recognizable types, though over 25,000 different phytonutrient compounds can be found across a variety of plant-based foods. That’s a lot of nutrients to fit into one diet…

In fact, studies indicate that only 10% percent of the population eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, which means majority of us are missing out on a heap of benefits. Phytonutrients have recently become a hot topic in scientific studies showing notable impact when it comes to promoting healthy breasts by helping:

  • Support immune health
  • Support antioxidant capacity
  • Support cellular health
  • Optimize alkalinity in the body

6. Avoid Alcohol

If you regularly blow off steam with a glass of wine in hand, you might want to think again. Alcohol is notorious for its negative effects on the liver and brain, but studies indicate it can have a HUGE impact on your breasts as well. Similar to fat, alcohol is shown to impact hormone levels in the body—most notably estrogen and insulin—making fewer drinks a better choice when it comes to creating a healthy breast regimen.

BONUS: Another big risk factor that may affect breast health? Chemical exposure. Not only are controversial chemicals and pollutants present in the air, but many of our daily household products also hide a slew of undesirable chemicals in their formulation. This includes everything from cleaning supplies to supplements to skincare. Luckily, stocking up on clean label products is easy with Modere, as our live clean philosophy prioritizes safe ingredients and green manufacturing efforts to help promote healthy living for you and your family.

Now, we know this might seem like a lot of lifestyle changes to make at once. But don’t be daunted! Modere makes it easy to support daily breast health habits with our science-backed and clean label formulas that prioritize the best version of you. Keep reading to discover our…



Combining two leading technologies—CLA and Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology—Trim helps encourage a healthy fat-to-muscle ratio by supporting muscle tone and fat metabolism. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is shown to help decrease body fat while inhibiting fat storage, making it a great go-to for anyone looking to help balance their body composition in the name of breast health—as part of a healthy diet an exercise program. Not only does Trim support a more toned, lean appearance, but award-winning Collagen/HA Matrix Technology also packs a dose of collagen and hyaluronic acid to help encourage smooth and healthy skin.*


When striving to stay active, hit the gym and cut back on fat, it can be hard to jumpstart that energy into gear. And that’s where Modere GO comes in. Kick traditional energy drinks to the curb with this innovative, clean energy supplement that takes a holistic, bio-hacking approach to health with natural caffeine derived from green tea. In addition to helping you power through the day while prioritizing a breast health regimen, GO also features a blend of 11 vitamins, 5 minerals and 8 brain-boosting nootropics that work together to help optimize energy, heighten alertness and improve cognitive function.*


Now that you know the benefits of the sunshine vitamin (and the risk of being deficient) you’re probably wondering where you can get a supplement that provides you with that daily dose your breast + body so badly need. Modere D3 is a delicious orange flavored chewable that delivers 125mg of the same type of vitamin D naturally produced by the sun, making it highly absorbable. Our bioavailable source of this crucial vitamin helps support your immunity year round—even when the days get cloudy—helping you experience the benefits of the sun no matter if you go outside or stay indoors.*

Omega 3

Modere Omega 3 delivers 1000mg of sustainably sourced fish oil to help support healthy breasts, plus bonus benefits of cognitive and cardiovascular function. These easy-to-take soft gels feature both DHA and EPA to help promote balanced cholesterol levels already within a normal range and a boosted immune system—both of which are linked to breast health. Even better, Omega 3 is free of the dreaded fishy aftertaste and provides a research-recommended dose of omega fatty acids in just 3 small soft gels a day.*

Axis™ Phytos

More than a superfood, Modere Axis™ Phytos features over 40 bioactive and bioavailable phytonutrient-containing ingredients that provide an array of bust benefits by helping to support a healthy immune system, along with a list of other full body benefits. These 3 science-backed formulas include:

Modere Axis™ PhytoGreens: Provides 10 phytonutrient-rich marine and leafy greens, plus powerful adaptogens to help optimize immunity, alkalinity and energy.*

Modere Axis™ PhytoReds: Features a potent blend of 10 red phytonutrient fruits and veggies to help boost antioxidant capacity, immune system function and vitality.*

Modere Axis™ PhytoGolds: Combines fermented turmeric, fermented ginger and phytonutrient-rich golden spices to help support immune health, antioxidant intake and joint health.*

BONUS TIP: If you find yourself craving a night cap but are trying to cut back on alcohol, Axis PhytoGolds is just what you need! This spicy blend can be transformed into a delicious and comforting Turmeric Latte that is sure to satisfy your tastebuds. Simply add 1 scoop Axis™ PhytoGolds with your favorite warmed milk (we love almond!) and mix together. Elevate your latte with a drizzle of honey or a sprinkle of cinnamon for added flavor.


Don’t wait! Prioritize your breast health today, and every day after, with these simple lifestyle changes that can help support your immunity, hormones and more. For more info about Modere science-backed products, plus our other award-winning and clean label formulas, visit modere.com*

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