In a world that’s constantly spinning, most of us can relate to the daily juggle of to-do lists and busy schedules. Whether you’re a young adult cramming for exams, a professional pursuing your career or a parent managing the kids and home, life often requires an impressive amount of time management and attention.

It’s perfectly natural when all this hustle and bustle occasionally causes feelings of stress. In fact, recent studies show that 54% of Americans ages 18-45 have experienced significant levels of stress in the last year[1]. This has led people to seek more meaningful solutions for occasional stress management—be it a clinical route or more holistic approach like meditation.

And, if you’re one of the many looking for natural methods to tackle occasional stress, we’re happy to tell you there are a few simple yet powerful changes you can make to accomplish just that! Want to know more? Keep on reading for our top 4 science-backed tips, plus clean label products to help you stress less:

STRESS TIP #1: Listen to Your Gut

Sure, gut health might not be a hot topic of conversation at the dinner table, but its wellbeing is vital to support a healthy stress response. Known as your “second brain”, the gut is shown to have a surprising impact on mental health. Science has even drawn a direct correlation between a balanced microbiome—i.e. the tiny microbes that populate your intestinal tract—and your overall mood, nervous system and cognitive function. Who knew these little guys had so much power?

When it comes to maintaining gut health, creating an environment that allows the “good” bacteria to flourish is an excellent place to start. If you haven’t already, try adding prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics into your daily routine to help promote both balance and diversity in your microbiome. While probiotics are most notably recognized for supporting balanced gut microbiota, certain strains have even shown a positive impact on serotonin in clinical studies.

REACH FOR: Axis TreBiotic

Like we said, pre-, pro- and postbiotics are excellent for your gut health, which means they’re also excellent for your mind! Reclaim your zen when you turn on your master switch to wellness with Modere Axis™ TreBiotic. Powered by 3-in-1 Microbiome Matrix™ Technology, this daily supplement is scientifically formulated to help balance a healthy microbiome in one scoop. This matrix includes GOS prebiotic to help beneficial gut bacteria populate faster, NeuroFlora™ Probiotic Complex to support brain and cognitive health, plus EpiCor® GI+ to support a healthy gut lining for optimal wellbeing.* Our unique beadlet delivery system packs these 3 “biotics” into a single formula to help:

  • Optimize gastrointestinal health*
  • Support gut barrier integrity*
  • Optimize micronutrient synthesis*
  • Promote microbiome diversity*
  • Support immune function*
  • Support brain and cognitive health*
  • Optimize overall wellbeing and energy*

STRESS TIP #2: Take Your Supplements

More and more people are shopping for vitamin supplements, and it’s no surprise why! Having an effective vitamin routine not only creates a strong foundation for wellness, but it can also help fill in nutritional gaps and support brain health. Magnesium, omegas and B vitamins are some of the most popular go-to supplements, as they are proven essential to brain structure and function.

Did you know there are even supplements to help manage occasional stress? Often derived from plants and mushrooms, adaptogen supplements have been found to help neutralize the effects of occasional stress on the body. Adaptogens help enhance a healthy lifestyle by optimizing the body’s chemical responses, positively impacting fatigue, occasional stress and occasional anxiousness. So, if you’re on the search for some extra reinforcement in the stress department (aren’t we all?), then now’s the time to seek a comprehensive supplement routine with adaptogenic support.

REACH FOR: Axis OptiPack™

Check off a biologically integrated vitamin routine and an adaptogenic formula in one box with Modere Axis OptiPack™. This daily vitamin pack delivers 4 supplements—Multivitamin, Antioxidant/Adaptogen, Vitality Complex, Omega Complete—working synergistically to help reinforce major body systems like nervous, immune and cardiovascular.* And when it comes to stress health, our Antioxidant/Adaptogen formula features a blend of 8 plant-based ingredients like ashwagandha and ginseng to help:

  • Reduce oxidative stress*
  • Support reduction of occasional stress levels*
  • Encourage cognitive function*
  • Optimize energy*

STRESS TIP #3: Bio-Hack Your Brain Waves

Nootropics (like L-theanine, bacopa plant and ginkgo leaf) are brain-boosting substances that have been around since ancient times. Today, they can be found in an array of supplements and are highly praised for their ability to support focus, learning, thinking and other cognitive functions. Even better, due to their positive impacts on the mind, nootropics are also believed to play a big role in managing occasional stress levels. This makes them a great go-to for the daily hustle and bustle of meetings, errands, carpool and life.  


Want a dose of clean energy and nootropics all in one supplement? We have just the thing! Modere GO combines natural caffeine derived from green tea with 24 brain-supporting ingredients—including 8 nootropics—to help promote overall cognitive function. With its holistic approach to brain health, GO sets itself apart from other energy and brain supplements thanks to its innovative formulation that’s free of sugars and artificial flavors—helping you maintain peak performance without the crash.* Enjoy the super boost of clean energy and nootropics as they work together to help:

  • Promote zen-like concentration*
  • Boost mental focus and alertness*
  • Support cognitive function*
  • Improve memory and learning*

STRESS TIP #4: Get Enough Sleep

You probably hear this one all the time, but hey, cliches are cliches for a reason! A good night’s sleep is truly essential to overall health—especially your brain and stress health. Not only does proper rest on consistent basis give major body systems time to reset and recharge, but it also plays a key role in regulating hormones.

Science shows cortisol (i.e. the stress hormone) is directly linked to your sleep quality and patterns. How so? Well, just like food and water, sleep is essential to your survival. When the body doesn’t receive this necessity, it can trigger a state of distress which naturally raises cortisol levels. This often results in heightened feelings of occasional stress, tension and even occasional anxiousness. By prioritizing those ZZZZs, you can help support your overall wellbeing while managing tension and healthy cortisol levels.

REACH FOR: Sleep Health

It’s one thing to know that sleep is important for a healthy stress response but falling asleep and finding quality sleep are often easier said than done. And that’s why we created Modere Sleep Health! This minty, chewable bedtime supplement helps promote healthy sleep patterns with a bioactive blend of ingredients your body naturally produces to signal rest.* Simply take this clean label formula before bed to support overall stress levels by helping you:

  • Fall asleep faster and stay asleep*
  • Promote more restful sleep*
  • Assist with establishing regular sleep patterns*
  • Calm your mind and body*

No matter what life throws your way, remember to take time to prioritize your body and mind with daily methods that help support your overall stress health. To shop these products, or our complete line of Modere clean label wellness, beauty and nutrition solutions, visit

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

[1] Kantar Profiles/Mintel, November 2021, July 2021; Ipsos Observer/Mintel, April 2021