The most wonderful time of year is here, and that means presents! If you’re looking for something special for your certain someone, we’ve got just the thing. Merry shopping!

The Bachelor | Men’s Essentials Collection

He’s a smooth operator, but when it comes to remembering to buy the basics, he could use some help.

Mr. Clean Cut | Men’s Shave Collection

Mr. Clean Cut already has a solid shaving routine, but our Men’s Shave Collection will help him get it down to a near science.

The Well-Groomed Gent | Men’s Care Collection

Tailored suits. Italian leather. Embroidered towels. The Well-Groomed Gent doesn’t settle, and he won’t have to when you gift him the Modere Men’s Collection.

The Hostess with the Mostest | Women’s Essentials Collection

She always wants to look her best, even when seeing to the comfort of her guests and cleaning up the house after they leave.

The 24/7 “It” Girl | Key Skin Collection Dry or Combo

The “It” Girl is moving 24/7, so she doesn’t mess around when it comes to self-care. Gift her the skin creams she needs when on the go, day or night.

The Sleeping Beauty | Skin Care Collection Combo

Her nighttime skin care ritual is second to none, which is why she needs the very best before-bed products.

The Mani/Pedi Diva | Happy Hands Collection

The Mani/Pedi Diva is on a first name basis with her manicurist and always knows what’s trending in skin care, which is why she’s been dying to try out the Modere Happy Hands Collection.

The Social Butterfly | After Party Collection

She’s the first her friends invite and the last to leave at night. The Social Butterfly needs skin care that can keep up with her. Enter our After Party Collection.

The Beauty Guru | Modere I/D

The Beauty Guru is in love with anti-aging products and has been wanting to try Modere I/D, the two-step collection that everyone is raving about.

The Total Package | Anti-Aging Collection

She’s the total package, so doesn’t she deserve the skin care to match? Our Anti-Aging Collection is just the thing, working to keep her as young as she feels with five luxurious products.

The Health Nut | Nutrition Essentials Collection

The Health Nut is the person in your life who reminds you to take your vitamins. Hint: our Nutrition Essentials Collection will be a game changer for them.

The Good-Hair-Day Aficionado | Hair Care Collection All Hair Types

You rarely see the Good-Hair-Day Aficionado on an off day. They enjoy caring for their healthy locks and, with the Hair Care Collection for All Hair Types by Modere, they’ll love it even more.

The Chameleon | Hair Care Collection Dry/Color Treated

Blue on Monday, red on Thursday. The Chameleon in your life is anything but boring – and that goes for their hair, too. Help them keep their hair healthy with this super-nourishing collection.

The Lovable Neat Freak | Clean Collection

Your Lovable Neat Freak will simply, well, freak over our Clean Collection. Replete with a trio of dynamite clean-label cleansers, it’s everything they need to wipe out dirt with gusto.

The Power Couple | Complete Essentials Collection


The Power Couple shares a lot more than matching suits. Present them with our Complete Essentials Collection and they’ll find both individualized care and products to share.

The Multitasker | M3 + Vital

The Multitasker is a pro at getting things done, but she often forgets about herself. Gift her M3 + Vital to support her energy levels and overall health in one simple system.

The Busy Bee | M3

He has a hard time squeezing meals in, let alone finding time to take inventory of his nutrition. Help him out this season with M3, which features Burn for energy, Sustain for healthy on-the-go-snacks and Sync to meet his daily fiber requirement.

The College Student | Nutrition Basics

Everyone loves pizza and beer, but even the College Student in your life needs more healthful sources of nutrition. Send them a care package with Nutrition Basics to help keep them healthy at school.

The Snow Bunny | Winter Survival Collection

Winter brings dry skin to many, which is why your Snow Bunny absolutely needs the ultimate full body defense against dryness found in our Winter Survival Collection.

The Jetsetter | Travel Collection

Rejuvenate your weary traveler with the TSA-approved products in our Travel Collection. Each included item targets a different part of The Jetsetter’s body for total care and comfort in the air.

The Fitness Fanatic | Active Care Collection

The Fitness Fanatic will flip over the Active Care Collection by Modere. We’ve specially chosen the three included products to build, calm and nourish the fitness lover in your life both at home and at the gym.