Modere Dishwasher Pods- Fragrance Free, Modere Dishwasher Pods – Red Pear with Magnolia

We’re still crossing our fingers that the Jetson’s cartoon will come true in our lifetime.  Aren’t you?  A personal Rosie robot would be fabulous so that we wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning our pots and pans.  And, the flying cars wouldn’t be so bad either.


Until that day comes we’ll have to keep doing our own housework.  One site says on average, there are 7 loads of dishes per person each week.  That’s a lot of dishes—which is why you want to make sure you’re being efficient so that you don’t have to re-wash even a single spoon.  Because who has the time, or wants to waste the water to re-wash?

We interviewed the maids and butlers of the rich and famous to find out just how the professionals load their dishwashers.  (OK, not really—but we do have some pretty great tips).   Because, as tempting as it is to pretend like your dishwasher is a Tetris game and cram as many things as you can in it—you’ll want to load it right to make sure you’re taking care of all the germs that have set up camp on your dishes.

The Institute of Kitchen Science recommends these three tips:

  1. Placing utensils haphazardly is a good thing!  You want those spoons and forks to be equal opportunists when it comes to having the handles up or down so that they don’t nest.
  2. Bowls like to look at each other.  The bowls in the back should face forward and those in the front should face backward so the center sprayer reaches all of them.
  3. Don’t straddle the line.  Load glasses between the lines, not over the lines, to keep them secure and to avoid line marks inside.

We also happen to think using the right soap makes quite a bit of difference.  Modere offers convenient dishwasher pods that are premeasured—so if you’re pooped from loading the dishwasher you can simply toss it in without worrying about measuring or spilling soap.  Not only will you notice these pods don’t leave residue behind, they also left out phosphates, dyes, chlorine, and NPE out of the formula too.  Plus, we have unscented—or if the blast of plain steam isn’t your favorite scent, we have a yummy red pear with magnolia too.

Best of luck as you conquer your stacks of dishes!  Just think, by the time Rosie makes her appearance, you’ll be ready to train her.