Now that we’ve talked about the importance of your pre-workout meal, let’s talk about what you need after your workout. The supplements and food you ingest after your workout are just as important as fueling your workout properly.

Lifting weights, squats, and even cardio puts stress on your muscles. When you workout your muscles break down and tiny micro tears are created in the tissue. Proper post-workout supplementation can help you rebuild the broken muscle tissue. You’ll also feel less sore after your workout, which helps you to keep going.

The post-workout meal, the one you eat immediately after your workout, is one of the most important meals of the day for those who want to build muscle or lose fat. It’s also the meal that can be most confusing.

You want your post-workout meal to consist of two things: protein and carbs.  Since it’s optimal to get fast-absorbing protein in your system within 30 minutes of your workout many people drink a protein shake right away and plan a healthy meal for an hour or so after.

Whey protein powder is a popular go-to. Our ultra-filtered, Pure Chocolate Whey Protein works well, plus it’s naturally sweetened. Just mix or blend with liquid (water or almond milk work great) and you’re set. We like to keep a couple scoops in our gym bag in case we’re in a time crunch.

How much protein do you need after your workout? You’ll want to aim for 20-50 grams, depending on your body weight. Most women will do fine with around 30 grams of protein; men will want to aim a bit higher. So, if you have a shake with 20 grams of protein right after CrossFit, you’ll want to plan on having a healthy meal with carbs and 10-30 grams of protein soon after.

For your healthy, post workout meal, you may want to try some nutrient dense dishes like the following:

  • Grilled chicken and mixed vegetables
  • Whole grain pita and hummus
  • Bagel with egg whites
  • Apples and cheese