Need help getting your feet summer ready? Modere Body Lotion will do the trick! 

Have you cleaned out your winter wardrobe yet?  Have you put away the clunky, heavy boots and dusted off all of your strappy, summer sandals?  If not, it’s about time with Spring in full bloom.

One of the best parts about summer is the ‘less is more’ philosophy.  There’s less fabric, less sleeves, less bulk and less layers.  It’s a time of showing off, wearing less, and being comfortable.  Because of this, you’ll find lots of article on toning your upper arms and shaping your thighs, but we can’t forget one very important area: your feet!

The ‘less’ portion we mentioned above does not apply to the care you give your feet.  Before you unveil those hooves, we mean…feet, that have been crammed into wool socks all winter, be sure that your feet are ready for the light of day.  Many women think to paint their toe nails, but seemingly forget that there’s an entire back portion to their feet.

Some might call forgetting to take care of the back of your feet “kicking bricks” but we just call it not cool.

When taking off your shoes, if it looks like you just released the Kraken, you might want to follow these three, easy tips.  We’re not suggesting full-on pedicures like in Dumb and Dumber, but these steps, that can be done at home, should have you taking lighter steps in no time:

Soak those feet:  This first step not only preps and softens the skin, but it also feels great.  The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends soaking your stubs for at least five minutes in warm water.

Shed dead skin: Pick your choice of weapon between a stone, scrub or foot file.  Gently rub it across calluses or other rough patches to smooth away the dead skin.

Moisturize—Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you should get rid of the socks just yet.  When needing to really lock in moisture, after cleaning your feet apply a cream, put socks on, and then hop in bed.  This will help trap in the moisture so that it doesn’t rub off while walking and allows your feet to soak in that goodness all night long.

We’d recommend our Body Lotion, which features sweet almond oil, if you’re wanting to soften and condition your dry feet.  Good luck prepping for summer.  Maybe you can finally click your heels without a dust cloud popping up in its midst.  Hopefully the next time we see you, you’ll be prancing along with your healthy looking feet.