There are a lot of bad decisions to be made this Halloween. Hey, isn’t that what the makeup and masks are for?

Do you know what those aren’t for? Acne. No one sticks on their prosthetic nose or paints on their cat face to wake up with haggard skin in the morning, but many will. That zombie face paint will leave you looking like a real monster in the morning, and may have long-term damaging effects if you don’t do something about it before turning out the lights.

A Daily Mail journalist performed an experiment to see how bad not removing makeup before bed really is. She put on makeup each day as she would normally, but didn’t remove it, for an entire month. By the end, dermatologists determined that her skin had prematurely aged by a decade.

Alright, Halloween is one night, not an entire month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t damage your skin after an evening with ghosts and ghouls. In their exposé, the Daily Mail referenced a survey that revealed a third of women admit to sleeping with their makeup on at least twice a week.

And Halloween makeup isn’t your average blush and mascara. Prosthetic adhesive and false eyelashes can damage skin and hair follicles if they aren’t removed properly. And fake blood and face paint can stain skin if left on too long.

If you’re interested in avoiding stained, dry, and damaged skin, some shiny new pimples, and gross eye goop, follow these simple face cleaning tips and dodge the biggest mistake you could make this Halloween night.

1. Keep Makeup Remover Wipes by Your Bed

If you are keeping the makeup light and know you won’t have the energy to wash up when you get home, you can make cleaning your face quick and easy. Just keep some makeup remover wipes by your bed, so you can at least wipe off the grime before falling asleep.

Although makeup remover wipes do get rid of makeup on the surface of skin, they don’t clean deep down very well, which means you can still suffer a pimple or two from clogged pores. If all you can muster is a good wipedown before bed, make sure you thoroughly wash your face in the morning to get that extra dirt out of your pores.

2. Use a Remover Gentle Enough for Your Skin

Broadway makeup designer, Angelina Avallone, knows how important having a gentle moisturizer is for removing heavy makeup. “It’s a slow process,” she says, because complete removal can take a few rounds of scrubbing.

To avoid damaging your skin, use a gentle remover that won’t leave your face irritated and dry. Modere’s makeup remover is a solid choice since it conditions skin while dissolving stubborn makeup, leaving your face clear and soft after every use.

3. Don’t Start With Baby Oil

Baby oil can be used to help remove Spirit Gum, an adhesive commonly used with prosthetics, as well as other tough-to-erase residue. But professional body painters Lawren Alice and Georgette Pressler warn that makeup removal should never start with baby oil.

Since water and oil won’t mix, using oil to remove water-based makeup just leaves a mess. Instead, you should start with water, soap, shampoo, or shaving cream, and then use the oil to get rid of lingering residue.

4. Get the Right Tools

If you plan on going all out with your makeup this year, make sure you’re prepared with the right tools to get it off later. Invest in adhesive remover if you plan on using Spirit Gum, and have coconut oil on hand for faux facial hair and prosthetics.

The right applicators, such as Q-tips, cotton balls, and facial pads, will make makeup removal a breeze. You won’t have to worry about crumbling toilet paper, ruining a perfectly good towel, or missing the nooks and crannies.


No one wants to show up to work the day after Halloween with stained skin. That fake blood and faux mustache will make you the best dressed at the Halloween party, but an embarrassment in the office the next day.

Besides costume makeup faux pas, sleeping with makeup on can cause pimples, accelerate the damage of free radicals, clog hair follicles and oil glands, and keep your skin from shedding dead skin cells and repairing itself properly.

You don’t want a few lazy nights prematurely aging your skin, talk about a mistake! Instead, find simple, effective face cleansing products that will keep your skin young and fresh and work them into your daily habits.