For many of us, we’ve been able to get away with eating pretty haphazardly.  Youth and an active schedule allowed us the freedom to not think about what we were putting in our mouths, other than if it tasted good.  Even then, our choices could be questionable if we were in a hurry (we’re talking to you, leftover tastes-like-cardboard pizza).

Now, whether thanks to old Father Time, or because you’re wanting to care what your insides and longevity are like you’re joining the millions of others who made a New Year’s Resolution to eat better.  You might not want to hard-core diet, but you’d like to improve.  Plus, now you can talk about how “hard dieting is” with your co-workers and fit in at the water cooler.

So where to begin?  Since this is one of your first attempts you might not know where to start.  Obviously, you’ll want to reach for something green versus something fried.  But, if you’re new to the healthy eating scene you might need a bit more knowledge than that.  Before jumping into bone broth, lentils and red quinoa we’ll let you wade into the dieting pool.  Come on in, the water’s nice…especially when you have friends like Modere who are full of lifesavers (aka knowledge and tips).

Breakfast Quality: For quite a while, it’s been proven that eating breakfast will help jump start your day in all of the important ways.  However, a study has shown that having a breakfast with protein will give you a greater head start for the eat-right-race.  Protein doesn’t have to be steak, either.  Remember that eggs, smoked salmon, beans (breakfast burritos, anyone?), and protein shakes are all ways to eat protein in the A.M.

Ditch the Diet: Even though you may be trying to diet, or at least eat better, labels that claim “diet” aren’t always the best alternatives—especially when it comes to soda.  Lots of people switch to diet soda when trying to watch what they eat.  However, the University of Texas’s study showed that those who drink diet sodas are more likely to be overweight.  Try to at least replace one soda with water a day, or if you’re still craving something sweet try a Pure Vanilla Meal Replacement or a Satiety Chew.

Ban Banishing: Don’t ban an entire food group.  Many people will be amped up and swear off carbs, sugar, fat, or any number of things they deem are unworthy of their new lifestyle.  However, completely ditching an entire food group can leave you craving it more, and send your diet into a very unbalanced tailspin.  Milton Stokes, MPH, RD said, “…I often see clients avoiding foods that would help them control overeating or fight belly fat and ultimately lose weight…”  So save yourself the trouble and don’t nix anything.

Now that you’ve learned three overall tips that will set you up for success, let’s make sure you have the hour-by-hour details as well.  To help you plan your day and know what to eat and when, we’ve created this handy dandy 30 Day Simple Slim-Down Plan.

With the proper knowledge, support and scrumptious products like Energy Shots you’re bound to wonder why you had put off dieting until now.  And don’t worry, we already thought ahead and put all of these products into one rock-this-dieting-bit collection with over $30 in savings.