Sure, we all love the idea of spring cleaning.  The smell of lemon and seeing your surfaces sparkle makes anyone feel accomplished.  However, spring cleaning sure seems like a thing of the past.

With the constant demands and strains on our time, how do we still get that spring clean feeling, without it taking over our weekend?  Or worse, is spring cleaning really meant to kidnap our entire spring?  Sometimes it sure feels like it.  We’re afraid if we venture into our messy garage and start organizing we won’t come out until mid-fall.

The answer might be one you don’t want to hear, but it sure saves you huge chunks of time.  The key to avoiding cleaning overhauls—like spring cleaning— is to clean little bits, frequently.  By doing little things here and there, you’ll find that you don’t have conquer these Herculean tasks.  Like Better Homes and Gardens says, “If you keep your residence reasonably decluttered, clean, and neat, you’ll avoid the necessity of marathon cleaning sessions.”  Cleaning is hard enough, but having to deep clean things that have gotten out of hand is definitely far worse.

You’d be surprised that if you get on a schedule, then the drags of cleaning (like wiping your baseboards) actually don’t have to be done very often.

There are several cleaning apps, or even old-fashioned cleaning calendars floating around.  Set down the sponge long enough to pick one that will help you streamline your efforts.  We liked these five:

  • Tidy Mom’s Annual Cleaning List: This list assigns just one big chore a month which help things seem more spaced out and manageable. This gives us thirty days for one chore; the procrastinator in us rejoices.
  • Martha Stewart’s Weekly Cleaning Checklist: This printable goes room by room so you don’t miss any important details. We wonder if she cleaned her cell while she was in prison this thoroughly?
  • Women’s Day: This doesn’t even bother with a checklist, but gives eight reasonable and simple things to do every thirty days. And, one of them includes fake plant care!
  • Tody: This app gives you the freedom to set up which chores you want to reoccur. If only we could stop the dishes from reoccurring.
  • HomeRoutines: Is another app that can help you break your house into zones, and you even get a gold star when you’re done. Great for those who miss being teacher’s pet.

Remember, doing daily tasks like picking up, and doing dishes already makes your home-sweet-home much more clean and then the deep cleaning tasks, if kept up on, allow you to take back your spring.

We hate to keep you longer, since we’re sure you’re now aching to go wipe some surface, but one last tip…having good cleaning products also helps you spend less time cleaning.  Instead of having to use elbow grease, use the right products.  We happen to think these are pretty great for you, your house, and the planet in general.

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