Your skin looks like it belongs more inside a lobster boil than at the office.  You spent a bit too much time in the sun over the weekend and now your skin is telling on you.

As if walking around the office with perma-aviators outlined on your face isn’t embarrassing enough, the inevitable skin peeling comes next.  You know, the ‘Christmas in July’ kind where it looks like your skin is snowing all the time?  If you enjoy looking like you’ve joined a leper colony then go ahead and stop reading.  If you’re hoping to move past this blunder, and the sooner the better, we have three steps that should cut down on your walks of shame up and down the cubicle isle.

  • Step 1: Apply a quality lotion to calm the sun damage.  Seriously, are you not using and loving our soothing lotion?  If you didn’t read our  about the glories of this lotion then stop what you’re doing and read it now.  This should already be a part of your summer skin regimen as soon as you step indoors.  Let’s not repeat ourselves here.  Moving on…
  • Step 2: Once your body has decided to scrap the whole thing and start peeling you’ll need something to get those flakes off you pronto.  Look for a gentle exfoliator. Not one made of sharp crushed shells, stringent chemicals or rough sand (because most exfoliators use at least one of these). Besides, don’t you have beef with sand anyway because it’s what got you into this mess in the first place?  Modere happens to a fab exfoliator that instead uses prickly pear, bamboo, and jojoba to gently massage and sweep away your fried flesh.  It’s also fragrance free for that gentle new skin beneath that’s about to make its star appearance.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve help rid yourself of your dead hide you’ll want to slather on a quality moisturizer that will nurture the fresh skin.  And, what do you know?  Modere has that covered too.  Our lightweight body lotion has skin conditioning ingredients like sweet almond oil and rosa canina fruit extracts to keep your new skin soft and supple.

After you’ve moved past your bad burn by doing the above steps you can now proudly rejoin that water cooler gang because you look like your normal and flawless self.  Some may even say better!  In fact, on your way back from the water cooler, turn that cubicle isle into a runway and work what you got.