The Boston Film Festival celebrated its 30th anniversary with stars, a red carpet, and naturally, Modere.  Modere easily fit into the high profile scene because if anything is A list—it’s Modere.

Modere was happy to help commemorate this important milestone by being one of the sponsors.  Many actors as well as film and television gurus were able to enjoy Modere gift bags, a natural fit for those who are used to luxury and style. What the celebrities might be surprised by, is that the little treats in their bags aren’t just high performing products, but they are green too.  While the Boston Film Festival’s enjoyed 30 years, we’re just a few years shy of that ourselves, and that’s given us plenty of time to craft brilliant products that are equal parts sexy and safe.

Alright, alright.  We know you’re not only dying to hear about Modere’s latest night on the town, but you want to hear who was there.  OK.  You’ve twisted our arm.  We weren’t going to drop names, but if you insist, we’ll give you just a few attendees: Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

Glee’s favorite Dad, Mike O’Malley.

He needs no rescuing, James McCaffrey from the hit sitcom “Rescue Me.”

There’s no fault in his stars, Sam Trammel.

Robert Wahlberg, from one of our favorite Bostonian families.

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We’re pretty sure they were equally thrilled to be rubbing shoulders with our stand out products, as we were with them.  It’s hard being so popular, but somebody’s gotta do it.  Now, it’s time to rest up and get some beauty sleep as we’re sure we’ll be slammed getting calls from everyone’s assistants for more of those incredible products that came in that sleek black bag.