With spring in full bloom it’s tempting to start flashing bright colors.  But, before you break out into a fuchsia frenzy, we think you should check yourself and your closet to make sure you have the essentials down first.

Start with black in a variety of styles.  Have a classic black sweater, short sleeve, jacket and so on.  Not only is it one of Modere’s brand tones (so why not mimic your favorite company??), but it is slimming, sleek and can be dressed down or up.  But, where to go from there?  Unless you’re Wednesday Adams, you need additional shades, and ones that will preferably play off your black fundamentals easily.

WhoWhatWear reminds us that there are six sublime shades that coordinate with black incredibly well.  “…blush, camel, olive, burgundy, mustard and navy blue. Like black, these hues have a classic and understated quality—plus, they’re easy to mix and match with black and other neutrals. And unlike, say, a bright red or a pastel blue, you feel like these pieces can be repeated in an under-the-radar way.”

These muted tones have also recently hit the runway from Kayne to MaxMara.  While these are the “it” colors now, they’re also timeless enough that you won’t regret having these shades next season either.  And, because they are repeatable you’ll get more mileage out of them.

If you still can’t leave the bright colors to Mother Nature, chose instead to add some pep in your step.  InStyle suggests having some red flats to cheer up an outfit.  Accessories are always a way to add flair to an outfit without having to buy a new wardrobe.

Once you’ve laid down a solid closet foundation make sure that those tones and hues stay intact.  Very few things are worse than faded and drab black.  Use a gentle, but cleansing, laundry soap like Modere’s Laundry Packs.  Did you notice that it comes in Lavendar with Vanilla?  We just can’t even.  Looking and smelling good?  Winning.

Once you’ve put together ensembles, be sure to tag us, #Modere_US, so we can witness how you’re closet essentials are on fleek.