It’s the little things that set us apart.  For example, someone could wear the exact same outfit as you, but your savvy choice of shoes makes it your own and elevates the style.  Sure, everyone claims to be a foodie, but you know that just a touch of paprika can make homemade sweet potato fries sing.  You pride yourself on knowing the minute, important details which is why you’re in a whole other playing field.  In fact, you’re not content playing the field, you own the field.

Because of this, we know you exercise and eat healthy. That’s a given.  But, you don’t stop there.  You know that sometimes, even when doing your best, you can still feel sluggish.  Your body can still crave more.

That’s why you make sure to also take your macro and micro nutrients.  The difference between good and great could be selenium, biotin or manganese.  While everyone else is worried about the nutritional buzz words because they heard it on Twitter—you wisely recognize that it takes a diverse and varied diet to keep your body at its ultimate.  You rely on more than social media to truly know how to fine tune your most valuable possession: your body.  Not only do you want to keep killin’ it in the looks department, but you need a healthy body to keep up with your rigorous lifestyle, and because by investing in your body now you’re saving up for a healthy future.

Unfortunately, you don’t have all day, every day to buy organic produce at its peak, prepare precise portions of every nutrient that your body needs and eat it on a timely schedule.  That’s why Modere created Mineral Supplement because it’s a convenient way to take in 74 minerals in just a few sips.  Not just a few minerals, but SEVENTY FOUR—like ones you haven’t even heard of before.  Oh, and macro nutrients, and amino acids and antioxidants, and fruit juices.  Boom.

Yeah, we don’t mess around either.  See why we’re meant for each other?

By simply savoring a few ounces of this rich nectar you’re helping to close any gaps your already tidy lifestyle might have, because you don’t take chances.  You’re going to do all you can, even the small steps, to make sure you set yourself apart.

Modere Mineral Solutions will be available mid-November.