At Modere, we value enthusiasm and love ourselves some go-getters.   Killin’ it at the gym?  High five.  Exceeding expectations at work?  Fist bump.

But, may we ask you to calm it down in just one, teeny-tiny area of your life?  That area would be your laundry room.

A Wall Street Journal article says that many Americans have a chronic habit of feeding their machines far too much laundry soap.  Your machine needs far less than you’d think.  In fact, another article says that if detergent builds up in your poor, abused machine that it can lead to “mold, odors and bacteria…too much soap can clog filters and ports, causing the machine to break down eventually.”  Plus, too much detergent can make clothes dingy.

We’re not into that tomfoolery of tricking you.  We’re not going to give you a bag of powdered laundry, or a drum of liquid soap and hope you use a lot just to increase our sales.  (Not to mention…who can ever find those darn scoops anyways?  And, we all know how much you love the gloppy liquid caps that have to be used over and over again.)  We’re looking out for you, your fabulously styled clothes, and your machine.

So, let us measure your laundry soap for you.

We have these handy laundry packs that are pre-measured and don’t require any scooping or pouring. Simply grab one and toss it in with your clothes.

For further awesomeness, our laundry packs shun phosphates, dyes, chlorine, and NPE.

These packs pretty much do everything.  However, if you end up needing a 10-step program to help your overdosing of laundry soap it can’t do that.