We all love a good gym workout, but sometimes we get burnt out from the typical, overcrowded classes, and the sweated-on-by-who-knows-how-many-people-machines.  Thankfully, it’s summer, so this affords you the opportunity to turn Mother Nature into your new gym buddy and ditch the typical gym scene.

Modere’s put together fun, jungle gym inspired exercises for you.  This could be a blast with a roommate or a special someone—and it’s free!  No gym membership required.   Simply head to the nearest park or elementary school playground and show the kids how it’s done.  They need someone to aspire to be when they grow up, don’t they?  Plus, this remixed workout will help you have a jolly ol’ time while enjoying some fresh air and dropping those calories like Paula Patton dropped Robin Thicke.

  • Legs: Do sets of plyometric jumps on and off the park bench with both feet together.  The added height of the park bench should challenge your typical quad exercises.  The benefits of plyometrics (also known as exercises that include jumping and using your own body weight as resistance) are many, they can: “strengthen [quad] muscles, increase vertical jump, and reduce the force of impact on the joints.”
  • Arms: Show those monkey bars who’s boss.  Instead of racing across them like when you were younger, go slow to increase your hang time and intensity. Also make sure that you’re swinging your lower body as little as possible to increase the work on your upper body.  To really up the ante, do one pull up every time you get to the last rung before you turn around.  Having to hold your own weight, all while coordinating your hands and propelling yourself forward will have you wishing recess was over.
  • Cardio: Bring back the old, junior high PE classic—ladders!  Find the lines on the basketball court and get low!  Side shuffle as quickly as possible from one line to the other, and be sure to actually touch the line before sprinting to the next ladder.  Feel free to race your partner, or time each other to increase the fun and competitiveness.  We know you’ll win, but hey—let them at least think they have a chance!
  • Abs: Utilize the monkey bars to do some circular hanging leg lifts.  Simply lock your knees and then have your toes draw a circle in the air, all without touching the ground.  Your legs should come up as high as possible (your chest if you’re pro) and circle down again.  Do this as slow and smooth as possible.  This will hit your lower abs as well as your oblique by utilizing the full circular motion.

The fresh air and new moves will do your body good, and help you squeeze into that itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini a few more times before we say goodbye to summer and have to head back inside to the gym. Perhaps by then you’ll be so in shape, you’ll be the one teaching the classes.