Cameron Mylroie has been researching food, health and wellness for almost 20 years and has been developing cutting edge products for 12 of those years. Cam is passionate about health and wellness. He wanted to understand what was going on with his own health, which is when he began learning about supplementation, vitamin deficiencies and mineral needs.


As Director of Research and Development at Modere, Cam leads the research and development team as they look into new science. Together, they innovate ways to help people improve their overall health and homes with safe, effective products.

Modere: How would you define the word “safe” when it comes to products?

Cameron Mylroie: I would say that the foundation of “safe” is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and no harsh chemicals with the intent to improve individual lives.

How does that relate to “clean label” exactly?

Clean label means different things to different individuals. If a person has a nut allergy, then clean label may mean that there are no nuts in the product for them. Or another person may think GMO’s are bad, so a non-GMO product is clean to them. For most, I think that clean label means that there aren’t any scary-sounding ingredients on the label.

It’s a loaded question, but why do you think it matters to make and buy safe products, especially when they tend to be expensive?

There are so many product reactions, and more allergies and sensitivities these days than ever before. People need to take care and be cautious about what they put in and on their bodies. It may cost a bit more now, but good nutrition will most likely end up saving you thousands of dollars in health bills in the future. Not to mention, your “golden years” will likely be much happier and healthier.

Considering the ethical implications, why is it that safe products are such a rarity?

It’s much harder to formulate high-quality and high-performing products when you can’t use the most common ingredients currently available because they’re not considered safe or are controversial. Plus, it often costs so much more to do so and takes significantly more time and effort in the formulation stage.

What kind of impact do you think making and buying safe products now will have in the future?

Those who buy safe products now are more likely to look better and be healthier in the future –both inside and out.

What are the most commonly used dangerous chemicals in personal care products, and how can our readers make sure they aren’t consuming them?

That’s a tough question since thousands of chemicals are available for use. Check out the list of ‘chemicals of concern’ you should avoid on Modere has avoided such ingredients for decades, and continues to do so. Some of the top ingredients to avoid are SLS, parabens, formaldehyde and phthalates.

What are the positive long and short term effects of sticking to safe?

In the short term, sticking to safe results could mean less irritation and healthier looking skin, more energy, better digestion, nutrient absorption and generally better health overall. Over the long term, I think that people who use only clean label products will lead a healthier lifestyle and have more meaningful lives.

Can you suggest any resources to our readers where they can learn more about and perhaps purchase safe products?

Absolutely. There are lots of resources available for individuals to learn more through, like the Modere blog, Skin Deep, SafeCosmetics, WebMD and the Mayo Clinic. I would just caution individuals to verify the facts because we can’t always believe everything we read on the internet.