You no longer need to speak with an Austrian accent to work out at the gym. Being toned is no longer for just professional bikini competitors.

Trends show the gym is now free at last, to be open and welcoming to all shapes, sizes, ages and levels. A whopping 45 million Americans own gym memberships.

Thankfully, the old stereotypes that you have to eat raw eggs and your shadow needs to resemble a fridge in order to care about your body are gone.  Those that want to go to the gym to burn off a stressful day; take a fun, new dance class; or just stay in shape so they can chase their grandkids can feel like the majority instead of the minority.

We applaud this shift and are glad that more and more people are confident and feel capable to take care of their health.  Another good turn of the tides is the protein drink stereotype.  Just like those horrid one piece workout leotards are a thing of the past, so are the notions that you have to be a body builder to drink protein shakes.

Protein is for everyone.  Protein is an equal opportunist.  It can help the busy mom who wants an easy breakfast while wrangling her kids.  Protein is for the Wall-Street tycoon who needs a healthy mid-morning snack to stay at the top of his game.  Protein is for the college student who wants some good brain food before a big mid-term and doesn’t want pizza for the billionth time.

Protein is here for the masses and it’s here to stay.  No matter your lifestyle, protein easily fits into your day because it is so darn easy to make.  Make it tasty, like Modere has done, and it’s a no-brainer.

Add in the fact that we have three different options, it truly is for everyone.  Whether you want a post workout meal, a meal replacement or just extra protein Modere has a protein for you.  With classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate that come from an array of amino acid based sources these protein shakes will be as popular as Jane Fonda’s workout videos in the 80’s.

Keep doing you—whether that’s a daily cycle class, kick boxing or Cross Fit and let our protein shakes accompany you as you knock down the next stereotypes.