Backpacking in Europe?  Typical.  Going on a cruise?  Overdone.

At Modere, we believe you should never settle for ordinary in any aspect of life, including your vacations.  We work hard all year long, so if we take a summer vacation it’s going to be awesome.  We’re sure you feel the same, which is why we scoured National Geographic’s travel website to find some super unique destinations to help you plan an unforgettable trip.  We’re thinking more like “Where in the world is Cameron San Diego” style.  Here’s some that might tickle your fancy, or at least get your own creative traveling juices flowing:

  • If you’re wanting to be active during your vacation, you might want to try a climbing get-away.  And, we’re not talking Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.  How about in Mongolia?  Not only will you have super interesting food and culture to explore before and after the hike, but the hike itself is said to be amazing, as in uh-mah-zing.  Mount Khuiten is described by Adventure Alternative as “a spectacular peak amid breathtaking scenery in one of the world’s most remote and mysterious locations.”  Is it just us, or do you want to start polishing those hiking boots?
  • While it’s great to be with family and friends on a trip, why not expand it to include thousands of Monarch butterflies? A wildlife escape may be just the new thing you’ve been looking for.  Down in Sierra Chincua, Mexico you can visit the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.  There are even tours that include horseback riding.  (And, who doesn’t love visiting Mexico anyways?) Be sure your camera’s memory card has plenty of room before you take off on this snap-shot-worthy adventure.
  • Playing in the water is a definite must for many people’s vacation to-do list.  But, how about playing in white water rapids?  The Tatshenshini River (yeah—we can’t say it, but the pictures sure say it all!) cuts through both Alaska and Canada to give you jaw dropping views of glaciers and wildlife.  Besides the thrill of white water, you’re able to take climbs to enjoy the natural habitats and rekindle your friendship with Mother Nature.  Talk about a refreshing change of scenery! We’re sure ready to hold onto a paddle versus a computer mouse—are you?
  • To round out our selection, we’ve got to include a pampering vacation.  While it’s nice to challenge yourself on crazy quests—sometimes you just want a beautiful get-away where drink after cold drink is handed to you while you soak in the sun.  This preferred hotel, Casa de Campo, is a luxurious Dominican Republic resort nestled in the Caribbean.  Featuring all of the trimmings like golf, spa, water sports and fine cuisine this relaxing vacation may be just what you’ve earned.  And, speaking of earning it—Modere is giving away an all-inclusive trip for two for five nights to Casa de Campo…just sayin’.

Wherever your summer plans take you, we wish you safe travels.  Be sure to post to our social media your top vacation pics so we can see where you ended up.