Check out all of Modere’s safe-for-everyone products

Our web guys had a hard time designing our site.  We just couldn’t decide how to go about the check out.  Besides the typical total and subtotal, we thought about putting line items for all that you receive with our products so you’d know the thought and intensive care we put into them.  We debated putting one line for “freaking awesomeness”, another line for “quality ingredients” and at least another for “high performance”.  But, at the same time we wanted a really user-friendly, efficient website.  Eventually, IT won and we stuck with subtotal and total.  But, we want to make sure you know what you’re getting when your sleek, Modere package arrives on your doorstep, so allow us to share a few cool tidbits.

Our products aren’t only beautiful enough to frame and display on your fireplace (what…you don’t do that too?) but they are SMART.  We invest in our products by employing the brightest of the bright.  Our research and development, formulators, quality and analytical science employees are pretty much the bomb.  We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to play against them in Jeopardy because they:

  • cover 9 scientific disciplines
  • have a total of 68 years of scientific experience
  • earned 3 PhDs, and a ton of degrees in things we failed in 101
  • reviewed more 7,211 studies last year alone

We then fly these smarty pants to different trade shows all over, have them meet with global vendors, global ingredient suppliers and then let them get to work applying all of their knowledge to create incredible formulas.

Many companies simply use turn-key formulas, and then hand over their formulas to third-party manufacturing plants that churn them out.  We are proud to own the entire process for most of our products, where we come up with incredibly unique formulas and produce many of them on our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.  We own just about every touch point with our products from beginning to end to make sure it’s done right.

Nature creates it, sciences refines it, you order it at the touch of a button on an app and we deliver it right to your porch.  The next time a Modere box shows up on your steps, go ahead and give it a little hug, because there’s a lot of love and thought that went into sending it to you.

If you could add just one line item to the checkout to describe what comes with your products, what would you put?