Swimsuit season is here. It’s time to put down the box of donuts you’ve had as a mid-day snack to survive the cruel winter months and get your body ready for all those summer activities. When you set out on your own Summer Shape Up routine, it’s important to remember the benefits of your pre-workout meal. Your pre-workout meal will help you maximize the work you are putting in and help build lean muscle.

Before we get started, remember proper nutrition is the key to your workout success. In order to get the most out of your workout, you need to fuel your body properly. Our bodies need good carbohydrates, as they are the body’s main source of energy. They will help keep us going in spin class, hiking, or trail running.

Having the right amount of carbohydrates (a macronutrient) an hour to thirty minutes before your workout will help you get the job done. But, not any carbohydrate will do. You need a complex carb. The following energy sources take more time for the body to break down and use – avoiding that nasty crash and burn a simple carb provides:

  • Oatmeal
  • Quinoa
  • Brown Rice
  • Sweet Potato
  • Beans and Lentils
  • Whole Wheat Pasta

(Approximate Serving Size: Men = 1 cup, Women = ¾ cup)

If you need a bit more of an energy boost, try Modere’s Energy Shot 30 minutes before your workout.