January held such promise.  You were packing nutritious snacks perfectly proportioned in little baggies.  You had your blender bottle faithfully at your desk and had all sorts of different shake recipes pinned.  Your lunch hour consisted of some type of salad and getting fresh air away from your desk.

Then, February came in and ruined everything.  Stupid February.  You ran out of those adorable, little baggies.  You kept forgetting to bring your blender bottle back to the office.  Deadlines started creeping up, so it was easier to binge on whatever was left in the break room than go find a place nearby that sold salads.  Little by little you let go of your goal.

Let’s not even mention some of the habits that are in full effect now that it’s all the way in October.

Why wait until January to start back up?  Why not start now, with a small habit that could make a big difference?  It’s better to get back in the saddle (even if it’s a bit snug now) than to wait until the holidays have had a go with you.

Start with something small, like—dusting off your blender bottle.  Once you have mastered that task take another baby step and try filling it with something delicious.  Something you’re actually going to look forward to drinking, instead of dreading another ‘down the hatch’ forced gulp.

Thankfully, Modere just launched a Vanilla Meal Replacement that will get you back to a January mindset—no matter the month. The Vanilla Meal Replacement will be available to purchase mid-November.  A creamy and classic base, it’s lip-smackin’ good all on its own, or a perfect mate to fresh fruit.

The best part is the simplicity.  Instead of having to buy produce, wash, chop, throw it into little baggies, and then remember to bring it when you’re running out the door to work you can simply keep a bag stashed in your drawer.  You know, the drawer that used to hold candy bars?  Key word: used to.

Now you have a delicious snack to keep those cravings away, or a complete meal all on its own.  It’s rich in amino acids like arginine which some studies show a promise in satiety, high in fiber and loaded with vegetarian pea protein while being low on guilt.  Whether you’re busy, or let’s face it—just feeling lazy, all you have to do is add two scoops to water or your choice of milk and you’ve got an easy and waist friendly meal or snack.  Finally, your taste buds and hips can be BFF instead of frenemies.

This is the type of goal you can stick to, no matter the time of year.  So, go dust off that blender bottle and excitedly wait for your Modere package to arrive.  It’s time to start killin’ those goals, starting with this one.  You don’t need January when you have Modere.

Purchase Vanilla Meal Replacement mid-November!