So, you deep-cleaned your kitchen before hosting Thanksgiving. And you probably used a little extra elbow grease before the holiday party…right? But c’mon, that was awhile ago. Lots of kitchens are used the most during winter months, since slow cookers and cast iron kettles allow people a cozy night tucked inside. But not too cozy. Have you inspected that oven range post-soup? Ew. Probably should get on that.

Modere has you covered with areas to attack one area at a time so that your kitchen can stay sanitary until you have the energy for another big purging.

  1. Clean the rubber gasket around the garbage disposal. We know what you’re thinking…the what? Yes, this easily missed area can be the jaws of germs if you don’t pay attention to it. Since most food and remnants hit it as it passes to your beloved garbage disposal it needs to be disinfected. Be sure to allow your cleaner to soak on it before wiping it down.
  2. Keep your counter-tops cleared. It’s easy to leave out appliances and let your mail pile up on your kitchen counter. But just taking a few minutes to keep your counters clutter-free will open up your kitchen. This keeps dust from accumulating and gives you more room to cook or bake the next time the urge hits.
  3. Scrub your garbage can. This poor vessel sees the worst your kitchen has to offer. The scraps and hunks of food you throw at it can build up over time and cause quite a stench. Unfortunately, garbage bags are NOT a force field, and much of what you throw away still hits the actual can. Either take the time to wipe (or perhaps you’ll need a power hose, depending on how long it’s been) the inside and out, or invest in a new one.
  4. Wipe your oven hood.  This nifty feature that hangs over your oven catches any scents, steam, grease and smoke that you create on your stove top. If ignored, it’ll build up. You don’t want a grime ridden overhang directly above where you cook your food. Wipe it off with warm soapy water, or a degreaser if necessary. If there are vents, be sure to change those, or at least clean them out with a wire bristle brush.
  5. We saved the quickest, but most important tip for last. Clean your cleaners!  Your sponge is probably swimming with germs, and we bet it’s the grossest thing in your kitchen. And you use THAT to clean?! To nuke any germs, simply toss it in the microwave for two minutes. The heat will clean it and make sure you’re not spreading an army of ick.

Paying attention to these trouble areas in your kitchen should help you survive until the next deep kitchen cleansing this spring. Need some fabulous cleaning products? we’re pretty crazy about our Modere Household line.