While we all can’t have a Snow White mirror that talks back to us and tells us we’re the fairest in the land, we can still enjoy looking in the mirror.  You don’t have to have to be royalty, have porcelain skin, sing with woodland creatures, or be the perfectly portioned, Disney hourglass figure to feel good about what you see staring back at you.

In fact, the goal for all of us should be what Healthy Weight Network calls healthy body image.  A healthy body image means: “… you feel comfortable and confident in your body, have a generally true perception of your size and shape, and understand that physical appearance does not define your character and value. You accept your unique body and don’t spend much time worrying about food, weight or calories.”

If you’re having a hard time achieving a healthy body image, don’t worry—you’re not alone.  According to AdMedia only five percent of US women fit the current body type portrayed in advertising today.  So, instead of beating ourselves up that we don’t look like what we see in magazines, let’s 95 percenters find a way to love ourselves and our reflections.  And let’s do it today, not when we’ve hit XX pounds, XX inches, or XX size.

Here are five tips to help us curb our negative feelings about our shape and size, and help us achieve a healthier, more positive body image:

  1. National Eating Disorders recommends writing a list of all the things your body CAN do.  Read it and update it frequently.
  2. Be active—but do it for the right reasons.  Enjoy the challenge of pushing your body to new limits for the accomplishment it gives you, not to lose weight.  When we zone in on what feats our body can achieve, we can start being amazed with it instead of being ashamed by it.  Women’s Day says, “The confidence you get from physical activity helps you feel more connected to your body and proud of what it can do.”
  3. Treat yourself.  You do nice things for the people you love, and this should include you!  Eating Disorders Support recommends, “Take the time to do nice things for your body. Once a month have a massage, a manicure, or a facial.”  At Modere, we would recommend giving yourself a deep conditioning treatment with our Repairing Hair Mask after a nice, long bath.
  4. Dress for your shape and dress comfortably.  When you feel confident and put together in your clothes, you won’t be fixating on how you wish they fit you differently.  All Parenting agrees: “Your closet doesn’t have to be a place where you feel bad about your body — or your wardrobe. Surround yourself with clothes that work for your body type, and getting dressed will make you smile.”
  5. Turn it around.  Instead of placing blame on yourself for not fitting unrealistic expectations, recognize that the pressure is coming from upstream.  The University of North Carolina recommends, “Question ads that perpetuate unrealistic standards for our bodies. Instead of saying, ‘What’s wrong with me,’ say, ‘What’s wrong with this ad?’ Write the company.”


Modere hopes that these tips will help you gaze into the mirror happily.  As a brand designed to accentuate you, we think you look pretty good and think you should agree.