New Year’s Eve has barely finished and we’re already seeing different ways to handle the dawning of a new year.  We find there’s typically three camps.

Camp Achieve-A-Lot: These people tend to think of themselves as finishing first, so we’ll go ahead and mention them at the top to help stroke their ego.  These early birds had their goals planned for weeks before the clock struck midnight.  They have memo notes on their mirrors, a beautifully made vision board and their calendar is full of reminders to help them tick off each goal.  For these go-getters we have the perfect thing to help you annihilate your goals: Modere’s Energy Shot.  Your list is long so you’ll want increased alertness to help you come off a conqueror. This berry beverage is tasty because it’s packed with fruit juices so go ahead and cross off your goal to try something awesome.  Look at that, another goal bites the dust.  Way to be so efficient.

Camp-Great-If-I-Do-Ok-If-I-Don’t: These people definitely had a few goals in mind as they leaned in for their New Year’s kiss.  However, they are OK with the fact that the goals might never make it to February.  They enjoy the new challenge, but don’t want to pressure themselves too much.  Their moto is the phrase “joy in the journey” and they find solace in the fact they can try again next year.  They have fun with their goals since they don’t take them too serious.  For these moderate folks we suggest Modere’s Repairing Hair Mask.  This way, you win whether you reach your goals or not.  If you reach them, FANTASTIC!  But, if you don’t—you’ll still have something to brag about: your hair.  If people ask you how your goal of losing weight is going after cramming down a donut, just toss your hair over your shoulders and they’ll forget all about it.  We got your back, no matter how big or small that back is.

Camp-Why-Bother: This cohort of people aren’t even sure why people bother with goals. Been there, tried that, and didn’t like it.  If this was a real camp, they wouldn’t even bother setting up the tents.  Life is for enjoying and they don’t need January or any other date to tell them what to do.  They feel there’s enough in life to do without adding one more thing to it.  They’re certainly not rats, so they’re not joining the rat race and they’d much rather relax than worry about crossing off goals. In fact, they aren’t even sure where their pen is at the moment anyways.  For this chill group of people, we’d recommend Modere’s Body Butter. The sweet scent will remind them of a beach—which is where they’d rather be anyways—and it’s great for massages.  This is a great product to kick back with that requires little effort but gives velvety soft skin in return.


No matter what camp you fall into, Modere has a product to help your new year be yummier, prettier and just all around better.  We’re pretty confident our products can make your year rock, but then again we tend to fall in Camp-Achieve-A-Lot.