Stylish. Safe. Smart.

That’s the defining ethos of Modere. We make products that define and simplify the modern lifestyle. We make products that improve and innovate. We make products that inspire. Modere is, simply put, more than a brand.

We are a lifestyle.

Our new Men’s Line is an extension of that lifestyle we epitomize. Take a few tips and hints from us gentlemen on what it means to be a Modere Man. Here’s what a typical daily agenda would look like, inspiration of Modere.

The AM.

Wake up, hold the coffee, thanks. You have an Energy Shot instead. Ah, perfecto! That’s the ticket.

A shower is in order. You turn on the hot shower, and reach for Modere Men’s Body Wash. Jojoba beads cleanse the skin, while the tantalizing smell of cedar and citrus permeate the nostrils. A perfect way to begin the day.

But the bliss isn’t over. Modere™ Men’s Shampoo awaits. A rich later of lemon extract calms and soothes the scalp, while cleaning away dirt and grease.

You’re almost primed to take on the day.

You leave the sacred sanctuary of shower. You sculpt, like Leonardo, your hair with Modere™ Styling Cream. A masterpiece, indeed.

Modere™Toothpaste excites and entices the mouth, with fresh mint. You take a capful of Modere™ Mouthrinse to add some pep in your step.


Take Modere™ Focus.

You’ve been waiting for this day your whole life.

The Day.

Traveling the world abound isn’t easy work, but at least you look and feel good while doing it with Modere.

You travel the streets of New York, stroll the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, climb the pyramids of Giza, dine on the Seine, speak fluent French, ride gondolas in Venice, backpack in Nepal and meet a few friendly sherpas upon the way, walk the Great Wall of China, and explore the neon jungle of Tokyo.

The Night.

All this world traveling has shown on your face. A bit of stubble appears, a testament to your long and adventurous travels.

No worries, though.

You travel back to your lofty abode and discover Modere™ Men’s Shaving Cream. Shea Butter and Oat Bran work harmoniously to give you a perfect, close shave.

Top it off with Modere™ Post-Shave Balm. Aloe and Pomegranate relax your world-weary skin, restoring it to its previous youthful supple of the day earlier.

A day well spent.

You know your journey is not yet complete, for tomorrow is another day to achieve great things.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.