A Checklist for Looking and Feeling Better This Winter

Make a Winter Bucket List

Remember all the fun stuff you used to do as a kid on a snow day and there was no school? Channel your inner child and do as many fun winter activities you can think of. Ice skating, sledding, snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, and anything else you can think of! Making a point to enjoy the winter is the first step to feeling better during the colder months.

Get Plenty of Sunlight

The winter blues are a real, tangible thing. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects up to 20% of adults over age 20. What’s the biggest cause? Not getting enough sunlight. When exposed to sunlight, your skin creates vitamin D, which is vital for your immune and bone health. It’s believed that increasing the amount of sunlight you get, and thus increasing your natural levels of vitamin D, will help you overcome SAD.

Boost Your Immune System

Vitamin D isn’t the only way you can give your immune system a boost. There are lots of other vitamins and diet habits that can help prevent you from getting sick this winter. Vitamin C, green tea, and probiotics can all help your immune system get stronger. Immune Health by Modere is another invaluable tool to help you breathe and feel better this winter.

Wake Up and Get Moving

As important as it is to get a good amount of sunlight during the winter, getting your blood moving is just as important. Don’t waste your winter days by sleeping in and doing nothing all day. Wake up early and get a workout in. You’ll feel more awake, more alert, more confident, and have an overall brighter disposition throughout the rest of the day.

Winter Clothes Shopping

Who says that winter clothes can’t be sexy? Good fitting, well made winter clothes are sexy for two reasons. First, winter clothes are colorful and allow you to find new colors that look great on you that you never knew about. Second, winter clothes leave more for the imagination, giving you an element of mysterious sexy.

Winterize Your Home

The cold winter months can make your home a drafty place if you aren’t prepared. Make sure your outdoor furniture is stored in a dry place. Change your furnace filters. Make sure your heating system is working properly. The last place you should feel uncomfortable this winter is in your own home.