Everyone gets old, even you.

A stern mustache and weekly trips to the gym will only do so much and eventually you will need to explore foreign territory to stave off those growing wrinkles: the beauty aisle.

Luckily, it doesn’t take pounds of creams and serums to stay looking young. It simply takes some good habit building and age-appropriate style choices to shave years off your appearance.

Want to know how you can turn back the clock? Check out these simple anti-aging tips that even the most macho man can appreciate.

1. Dress Your Age

You might think that wearing the hippest threads will keep you looking youthful, but an outfit designed for an 18-year-old looks wrong on a middle-aged man.

Now is not the time to go through a style revolution. Instead, stick with what you know and feel comfortable in. Pick a style icon to emulate for inspiration, and choose wisely. No Justin Bieber.

Although your style shouldn’t be “trendy,” it should be current. Don’t dip back into the ‘90s or ‘60s for fashion inspiration. Keep it to this century.

2. Exercise Your Brain

Blanking on someone’s name or forgetting a menial task is something we all do, but it can happen more frequently as you age.

This memory retrieval problem is caused by your brain naturally losing neurons as you age, making basic connections weaker and recollection harder, says Gil Einstein, chairman of the psychology department at Furman University.

Don’t fret if you’ve started to become forgetful. Instead, keep your brain sharp by doing daily exercises that strengthen your neuron connections. Perform activities with your non-dominant hand, learn a new language or get your brain a personal trainer.

3. Use a Hair Revitalizer

Thick, lush hair is naturally commonly with youth. Whether your scalp is holding up well or starting to thin, introducing a hair revitalizing product into your daily routine keeps your hair strong and youthful.

Try a shampoo that reduces hair loss if your mane is still fairly strong or a leave-in treatment that boosts hair growth if your scalp needs a little extra help. You’ll have the ladies begging to run their fingers through your full head of hair in no time.

4. Tone Down the Bling

Man jewelry is back in style, but that doesn’t mean you get to don that single earring you had back in high school.

When it comes to bling, less is definitely more. A well-placed ring or shiney watch can take you from James Doe to James Bond, but don’t overdo it. Leave the long gold chains and giant watches as big as your hand at home.

5. Tame Those Eyebrows

Thick, bushy eyebrows are strong and sexy when you’re younger, but brows can get unruly with age.

“You don’t get character—you look crazy,” says Frank Shipman, owner of the TC Salon Spa in Allentown, Pennsylvania. “When you get your haircut, have your stylist trim your eyebrows at the same time.”

This is also a good time to mention that all your hair should be maintained regularly, not just your brows. With age often comes unwanted body hair in your nose and ears. Stay on top of trimming to look and feel younger.

6. Grow a Beard

One of the telltale signs of middle-age is a shriveled neckline. It’s also something there’s practically no cure for.

Hide neck wrinkles with a cleanly curated beard. Go for a classy, close-cropped beard or finally achieve your dream of pulling off the mountain-man aesthetic.

Whether you’re a bearded beau or clean-shaven sir, make sure you have a quality shaving kit to groom your visage. Good razors and moisturizing creams will keep your skin looking fresh and smooth, “shaving” years off your appearance.

7. Care For Your Face

Exfoliators, moisturizers and tinted creams aren’t just for women. In fact, the healing powers of these anti-aging tools are something everyone should have in their bathroom arsenal.

Exfoliating, using a salt scrub or exfoliating pad, removes dead skin cells and primes your epidermis for new, healthy cell growth. And using a daily moisturizer on your face and body will instantly replenish your skin with much-needed hydration to reduce wrinkles and repair dry spots.

If you struggle with uneven coloring on your face, from sunspots or simply getting older, a tinted moisturizer can help smooth out your skin tone. Tinted moisturizers also work as a gentle sunscreen, further protecting your face from sun damage.


Men often hit their prime in middle age. A well-groomed older man is the object of every girl’s eye, so it’s worth taking care of yourself with each passing year. Besides drinking lots of water and staying out of the sun, these simple daily habits will help you enter middle-age with style.