Health and wellness have lots of advocates on the red carpet. We all know the bigwigs like Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr who have been known as health icons for years, but television has its own band of health fanatics who will storm the red carpet this Sunday before the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Keep an eye out for these health superstars as they prance down the red carpet, and steal some of their wellness tips so you can look just as dazzling as they do.

  1. Kelly Ripa

Half of the daytime duo on “Live! With Kelly & Michael”, Ripa has come out as a big exercise fanatic since she entered her mid-30s. Ripa adamantly talks about her trials and triumphs with fitness on her show and advocates for women to start developing healthy habits, no matter where they are in life.

Although she wasn’t a health nut through her 20s, Ripa started working out when she found she couldn’t keep up with her three young children. Now she loves long runs and always reaches for organic foods while abstaining from processed foods and sugar.

  1. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney is well known from the collection of Kardashian-centric reality shows that have dominated television for almost 10 years. Kourtney has always been health conscious, and those good habits have rolled over to motherhood.

With regular runs and a healthy diet of salads, proteins and organic dairy, Kourtney manages to stay fit while juggling parenting and her roles in multiple reality shows and professional ventures. In addition to diet and exercise, Kourtney lives clean by eliminating harsh chemicals from her home and using all-natural cleaning products instead.

  1. Bradley Cooper

This movie star is trying his hand at television, producing that is. Based on the 2011 film “Limitless”, in which Cooper starred, the new show, named after its inspiration, has involved Cooper in everything from the initial pitch to the final casting.

When he’s not winning Academy Awards or producing a new TV show, Cooper makes time to stay healthy. He drinks five liters of water a day, works out regularly and drinks protein beverages that swear off chemicals and fillers. Additionally, Cooper has lobbied for Obamacare and mental health awareness, something he feels passionate about after his own struggles with alcoholism.

  1. Heidi Klum

Nominated for two Emmys this year for her work on reality show “Project Runway”, Klum will grace the red carpet this year with her usual poise. The former Victoria’s Secret model has always had a healthy glow and maintains her health-conscious habits as she enters middle age.

Klum adamantly blogs about her favorite fitness tricks and wellness philosophies. She raves about yoga as a comprehensive practice for the mind and body. Her frequent yoga buddy, Russell Simmons, also made our red carpet health fanatics list!

  1. Russell Simmons

Through his new-media company All Def Digital, Simmons recently entered a pact with HBO to create and develop various television projects for the network. Currently Simmons says he’s working on five projects with HBO, and more seem to be on the way.

Somehow Simmons also finds time to stay healthy and promote wellness. When he’s not doing yoga with Klum, he’s meditating or working on his athletic clothing line. Simmons is adamant about the benefits of yoga and meditation and frequently blogs about the prosperity the two practices have brought into his life. To top it all off, Simmons maintains a vegan diet.

  1. David Lynch

Lynch has officially announced he will be directing the “Twin Peaks” revival on Showtime, and fans are thrilled to see the cult TV series return after a long hiatus. Although Lynch will be a strapping 71-year-old man by the time the revival airs, you won’t be able to tell. His healthy habits keep him sharp and in shape.

Founder of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace, Lynch is no joke when it comes to meditation and the wellness it can bring to individuals and the world. The foundation, which focuses on teaching stress-reducing techniques to at-risk populations, is just part of Lynch’s meditation-focused activism. Lynch is also a popular writer and spokesman for the effectiveness and practice of meditation.


Whether a TV celebrity or stay-at-home mom, treating your mind and body right is a must. When you’re cozying up to watch the Emmys this Sunday, keep an eye out for these health fanatics walking down the red carpet.

What other television stars are your health icons?