Going to a movie is trite.  A candlelight dinner is cliché.  Dating the other 364 days can be tough, but with the added pressure of Valentine’s Day it’s enough to make any man start binge eating conversation hearts.  So, what do you do to make your Valentine’s Day outing stand out from the rest of the crowd?  Modere has the answer.  Five, in fact, in case you really want to sweep someone off their feet.

  1. Read Between the Lines:  Head to the nearest bookstore or library for this cozy get-to-know-you.  Once inside, set a time limit and separate.  Each person has to hunt down 10 books they feel portray them.  Meet in the comfy chairs once the time is up and do a show and tell.  Even for the been-together-since-High-School-couples, this could be a fun way to express yourself to your significant other or share something you haven’t before.
  2. Skate Off Into the Distance:  Doing something active is a sure fire way to bond and break up the monotony of sitting on the couch.  Since it’s winter, why not partake in a fun winter sport? And no, we don’t mean curling. It also doesn’t hurt that many people aren’t Olympic medalists, so it’ll have you clinging to each other while you try to stay warm and keep that fanny off the ice.
  3. Make it a Game: This oldie but goodie never fails.  Set up a scavenger hunt for your significant other. The destinations can be memorable spots, friend’s houses, or their favorite stores.  The best ending, of course, is you standing there with their gift.  It’ll have them guessing and definitely add some mystery, even if it’s just while searching for the next location.
  4. Progress, Progress, Progress: Do a progressive dinner for your foodie.  If dining out is one of your favorite things to do then elevate it.  Pick one location for drinks, one location for appetizers, another location for dinner and finish with yet another location for dessert.  It lengthens the evening, and makes for fun while you dash from locale to locale.  You can theme it and (like all Asian cuisine,) or opt for all of her favorite eateries.  Either way you’ll be full, and full of love.
  5. Guess Who: When was the last time you ding-dong-ditched?  Probably junior high, and there’s no reason why it should stay in the past.  Grab your aprons and bake up a storm.  Whether it’s from scratch or an easy mix, make one of your favorite treats but make plenty to spare.  Put together little plates for friends and hit the town.  Place the goodies on her friends’ doors and then rock-paper-scissors who has to ring the doorbell.  You’ll be chortling the entire sprint back to your car.  It’ll get your hearts racing to not get caught and her friends will love you for giving them treats too.

Whether you do one of our fun ideas, or if you’re Casanova reincarnate and come up with your own, be sure to make it a memorable night.

Why most females love Valentine’s Day is because it gets them focused on their relationship and on love.  For the rest of the year, when there’s deadlines and crazy schedules which can distract or diminish, you can also nourish your relationship by taking Frisky by Modere.  Frisky supports both male and female sexual performance.

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