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A painting is more than just oil or water-based color mediums thrown together on a canvas. A painting is an expression of the artist. A painting is a visual interpretation of emotions, attitudes, and beliefs.

At Modere, we consider our products works of art that anyone can enjoy. However, instead of using paints to express ourselves, we use high quality ingredients that have been tested and that perform to the highest standards possible.

We take pride in the fact that we don’t just create products. We create experiences through our products and none of those experiences could be possible without high quality ingredients. As you look to embrace more fulfilling experiences this New Year, take a look at these five Modere ingredients that can help you on your journey.

Dandelion Extract

Yes, we’re talking about those annoying little yellow flowers that pop up on your lawn that never seem to go away. What you may not know, is that the dandelion has a long history of medicinal use throughout the world.

The same defense system that makes dandelions so stubborn can also be used to help support your skin. A dandelion can survive in anything. Rain, sun, sleet, snow, you name it, a dandelion can weather any storm. Dandelion extract, when applied topically, can give your skin those same defensive properties.

There are so many things that contribute to an aged appearance. The elements have a larger impact on our skin’s healthy appearance than many are willing to admit. Dandelion extract is an invaluable tool to help protect our skin against those elements.

Dandelion extract is the key ingredient in Defense by Modere. Defense is one half of the Modere I/D Anti-Aging System that is designed to deliver a powerful botanical infusion that acts as a defense shield for your skin against pollutants, and the elements.

Prickly Pear

We like to refer to prickly pear as the “fruit for your face.” Once you learn more about this Mexican plant, you’ll find out why.

Prickly pear isn’t a pear. In fact, it’s a species of cactus that can only be eaten while it is young. More mature prickly pear plants are too tough to use. For centuries, desert dwellers mashed up prickly pear with water as a treatment for windburn.

Prickly pear has had a wide variety of uses over the years. Some people use it to help support cholesterol levels already within normal range, others have used it as part of a hangover formula. At Modere, we use it to help comfort your skin while using Exfoliant, our facial exfoliation product.

We include prickly pear in Exfoliant because no one likes the sandpaper-scraping feeling that other exfoliators can leave on your face. Prickly pear lessens any irritation by gently soothing your skin while the other ingredients remove the dead skin.

Gingko Leaf Extract

Gingko, sometimes known as gingko biloba, has a long standing tradition of being used as a medicinal herb. Gingko has traditionally been used to help support memory retention and mental function. How is it able to do that? Gingko improves blood flow in the body. Everything in your body relies on blood to survive. Without good blood flow, your brain wouldn’t get the necessary oxygen that it needs to function properly.

So when you improve blood flow, you improve the functionality of the brain. That’s exactly why gingko leaf extract is such an important ingredient in Focus by Modere.

Focus is formulated with ginkgo to help you get in the zone and concentrate. It’s also formulated with other ingredients to help support your memory functions so that you can get rid of that mental sluggish feeling.

White Willow Bark Extract

You know that feeling you get after you workout that doesn’t seem to go? It stinks. We know. Thankfully though, there’s a way to get rid of that without having to swallow any pills.

Enter white willow bark extract. White willow bark is commonly known for its ability to sooth. it’s able to do this because of a chemical contained in it.

White willow bark is one of the primary ingredients that can be found in Sports Rub by Modere. Massaging with Sports Rub is the perfect treat your body deserves at the end of a workout or just a particularly stressful day.

Fo-Ti Root

The last Modere ingredient for the New Year that can help you on the road to more enjoyable life experiences is fo-ti root. The one thing that you are going to need to make this coming year one to remember is more energy.

Fo-ti root is a rejuvenating herb that has been traditionally used by Chinese herbalists to enhance energy and vigor levels. It’s not that fo-ti just gives you more energy, it’s that it strengthens the immune system with antioxidants so that the body doesn’t use up its energy stores fighting off impurities*.

Fo-ti root is the active ingredient in Modere’s Vigor. Vigor is formulated to be an anti-aging weapon by supporting and enhancing the body’s normal functions so that they operate properly*.

The object isn’t to add new things to the body to give it more energy. The point is to enhance what is already there. Your body is a finely tuned machine that is infinitely complex. Supporting it’s normal systems is the best possible thing you could do to enhance its overall functionality.


All of us want to make changes in our lives for the new year. No one wants to go through life never taking advantage of all the things it has to offer. We only go around once. With these Modere ingredients, you can take advantage of life’s greatest opportunities in ways that you never thought possible.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.