Age-defying Celebrities: You Won’t Believe These Stars are the Same Age

Everyone wants to look their best, and no one seems to chase the fountain of youth more tenaciously than the rich and famous. However, no amount of money or renown can erase the damaging effects of partying, a poor diet or too much sun. To witness the power of good, clean living and great genes, here are 10 pairs of celebrities you’d never guess are the same age.

1. Nicolas Cage and Keanu Reeves



Age looks good on Keanu Reeves. Despite those speckles of silver in his beard, he looks healthy, strong and distinguished. Nicolas Cage, on the other hand, looks tired and just plain old. Even though both of these unorthodox actors are 53, it’s easy to see that age has hit one of them much harder.

2. Eva Longoria and Fergie



The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle has definitely taken its toll on Fergie. An alleged history of drug use might have had a long-lasting effect on this superstar’s looks. Alternately, the former “Desperate Housewife” looks fresh and far younger than her 40 years.

3. Michael Fassbender and Orlando Bloom



These hot leading men are both 38 years old, but it looks like Orlando Bloom’s time playing an elf has rubbed off. His baby face could pass for 10 years younger, despite plenty of time in the sun indulging in everything from surfing and snowboarding to bungee jumping. But if he wants to hold onto his youthful appearance, he may want to start slathering on the sunblock.

4. Lucy Liu and Gillian Anderson



No one would think either of these gorgeous ladies are well on their way to 50, but despite all the glamour, one of these 47-year-olds shows her age a tad bit more than the other. Heavy makeup adds years to Gillian Anderson’s beautiful face, and a super-thin figure has also aged this red-hot paranormal investigator.

5. Martin Freeman and Jared Leto



Who would have guessed these two fellas are the same age? No amount of hair can hide Jared Leto’s youthful looks. Their drastically different approaches to style may add to the illusion that one of these 44-year-old stars seems to have barely entered their 30s.

6. Robin Wright and Halle Berry



Age is just a number for these lovely ladies. They’re both 49, but one of them wears their age a little more obviously. Robin Wright’s fair skin betrays age and wrinkles, while it’s nearly impossible to point out one fine line on Halle Berry’s flawless face.

7. David Bowie and Edward James Olmos



David Bowie once played a vampire, and if his looks are anything to go by, we might believe some of that dark magic stayed with him. The 68-year-old star looks more like a heartthrob than a grandpa. We’re not sure if it’s just good genes, but whatever his secret is, we want some.

8. Courtney Stodden and Dakota Fanning



These girls definitely do 21 differently. Courtney Stodden’s desire to grow up fast has backfired when it comes to her looks. The reality star looks nearly a decade older than her talented counterpart. Caked on makeup and plastic surgery have clouded Stodden’s natural beauty and left her looking like a much older woman who’s trying too hard to seem young.

9. Rob Lowe and Russel Crowe



Maybe it’s all the tough guys Russell Crowe has portrayed on the silver screen, but he looks a little worse for wear at 51 than Rob Lowe. Struggles with weight and drinking have helped age the Oscar winner. And even though Lowe has a penchant for tanning, he still maintains a healthy, youthful glow.

10. Demi Moore and Star Jones



A devotion to yoga and a vegan diet have helped Demi Moore stop time. And even though Star Jones found her way to healthy living, her decades-long struggle with weight has taken a toll. At 53, they both look great, but Demi’s low maintenance, natural beauty leaves her looking much younger.

Use these age-defying celebrities as inspiration to amp up your health and fitness routine. You could be erasing years off your face in no time.